What is Billy Lane Doing Now? Know All About His Jail Life and Wife

Last Updated : March 21, 2023


Billy Lane is a famous American who builds unique motorcycles and designs them in his shop, Choppers Inc. He used to race motorcycles professionally and even competed in a famous race called the Daytona 200. He was sentenced to many years in jail and was released in 2014. What is he doing now? This question has made many of his fans curious.

Why Did Billy Lane Go To Jail?

In 2006, a famous motorcycle builder, Billy Lane, caused a fatal car accident that killed park ranger Gerald Morelock. He was driving under the influence of alcohol during the crash. In June 2009, he agreed to a plea deal and faced a maximum sentence of nine years in prison.

Billy Lane for his court hearing [Photo: HotBike]

On the day of his sentencing, the judge sentenced him to six years in prison and three years of probation and immediately took him into custody. Furthermore, the judge suspended his driver’s license for life and ordered him to undergo random substance and alcohol testing after his release from prison. Lane completed his six-year jail sentence and was released in 2014.

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What is Billy Lane Currently Doing Now?

After serving his six-year sentence, Billy Lane returned to his passion for motorcycles. He inspired many after his TV presence and continued pursuing his dream of building custom motorcycles. But Lane had another goal – to open a new storefront next door to the famous Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota.

With his sights set on this new venture, Lane moved to Franklin, Tennessee. Here, he began to rebuild his life and work on his latest project. He spent countless hours designing and constructing the new storefront, pouring his heart and soul into every detail.

Finally, the day arrived when Lane’s dream became a reality. The doors to his new storefront opened, and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide flocked to see his latest creations. His work was breathtaking, and his dedication to the craft was evident in every bike he built.

Lane became a fixture at the Full Throttle Saloon with his newfound success. He often shared stories and swapped tips with fellow motorcycle builders and enthusiasts. However, his passion for motorcycles remained strong. He continued to create stunning custom bikes that left people in awe.

Today, Billy Lane still lives in Franklin, Tennessee, where he spends his days building motorcycles and promoting motorcycle safety through various organizations. His legacy lived on and inspired a new generation of custom motorcycle builders, reminding us that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

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Who is Billy Lane’s Wife?

Billy Lane is a man who wears many hats. But his most notable role is that of a devoted husband to his beloved wife, Erynne. Theirs is a love story that has stood the test of time. Their affection for one another is evident for all to see on Billy’s social media pages, where he frequently shares snapshots of the two of them.

Billy Lane with his wife, Erynne [Photo: Facebook]

There is a certain magic in how Billy and Erynne look at each other, a deep connection that transcends words.

Billy Lane with his wife and daughters [Photo: Facebook]

As the proud parents of four beautiful children, daughters Kennedy, Brooklyn, LuLu, and son Jennings, the couple has built a family that is the envy of many. Their love and commitment to one another are shining examples of what a true partnership should be, and they inspire all who know them.

Short Bio: Age, Real Name

Billy Lane, named “Psycho Billy,” was born in Miami, Florida, on February 6, 1970. He’s a famous motorcycle builder and artist but has remembered his roots in Miami. His real name is William David Lane, and he’s a loving husband, father, and friend. Yet, despite his success, he stays true to himself and his values. To those who know him well, he’s just Billy – a talented and kind-hearted man who always stays humble.