All About Alex Toussaint’s Net Worth, Parents & Relationship

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Peloton Instructor Alex Toussaint [Photo: Facebook/alextoussaintfitness]

The name Alex Toussaint is not unheard of in the fitness community, as he is considered a titan sitting at the intersection of tech, music, fitness, sports, and entertainment.

The rising Peloton star has been working as an athlete and motivational coach, as a result of which he is widely respected for his positivity and authenticity. Here are some unknown facts about the talented personality.

Alex Toussaint’s Net Worth and Earnings as an Instructor

Toussaint has come a long way in his fitness career. He started by mopping floors at a gym, where he would listen to instructors teach their classes, which inspired him.

As a result, he asked the company’s owner if she would allow him to teach a class. The owner became his life mentor, and he has stated that she saw something in him that he didn’t see himself.

With time, his career progressed, and in 2015, Peloton called him to recruit him. He now works as a Senior Instructor in bike and tread at Peloton. According to Bloomberg, more senior instructors make over $500,000 in total compensation as of 2021.

Toussaint is now a senior instructor at Peloton. [Photo: Instagram]

Thus, Toussaint might have made a considerable amount as the senior instructor. Besides that, he has also penned a book, Activate Your Greatness, which was released on October 10, 2023. According to Macmillan Publishers, its price is $27.99.

Likewise, Toussaint also makes substantial earnings from book tours. He is also a PUMA athlete, and according to Glassdoor, they make $59,545 per year in the USA.

He might have made a considerable sum, having been invited to speak for several Fortune 500 companies and global businesses like Salesforce, S&P Global, Coca-Cola, etc.

Furthermore, his website also features some of his apparel, ranging from $5 to $40. Thus, from all these ventures, Alex Toussaint might have earned substantially. Although the amount remains vague, Toussaint’s net worth might be a notable sum.

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Alex Toussaint Spent the Majority of His Childhood in Military School

Toussaint was born on August 6, 1992, to his father, Martial Toussaint, and his mother, Judith Toussaint. He grew up in Long Island, New York, with his brother, also named Martial. Unfortunately, he lost his grandmother in September 2018.

In the book written by him, he revealed that his dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, which he fortunately survived. But the diagnosis altered the Toussaint family dynamic in an instant.

When Tamron Hall of Tamron Hall Show asked her what was that life-altering moment, he said,

“Just watching my father, the person that raised me with such a level of discipline, integrity, and purpose, watch him go from a superhero to then watch him feel sunken in life just due to his sickness.”

He was a troubled kid who got kicked out of every single school he’d been to. As a result of his behavioral issues, his parents sent him to Wentworth Military Academy & College in Lexington, Missouri, before the sixth grade.

He was the youngest person at the military school, and he was not mentally, physically, or emotionally mature enough to handle it, which made him feel less loved by his parents.

Toussaint spent most of his childhood in military school. [Photo: Facebook]

Having spent most of his childhood in military school, he credits the skills he learned there for many of his lifetime achievements. Also, the school was the foundation of all his discipline.

All in all, Toussaint and his family are doing well. They are there for one another and appear to be living a content and happy life.

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Things Known About His Relationship

Because of his fame, Toussaint’s personal life has also been brought into the limelight. People have shown keen interest in knowing who his partner is and everything related to his love life.

People even discussed it on Reddit. One user stated that when they first got their bike in 2018, Alex was in a serious relationship with a girl they believed was a hairstylist. Also, the alleged girlfriend was seen close with the other instructors too.

People have speculated about his love life. [Photo: Reddit]

Unfortunately, Toussaint has not said anything about the matter. But he often shares numerous pictures with female instructors, which might have raised many eyebrows.

Other than that, he has remained mum regarding his love life. Nevertheless, he might prefer to enjoy his life with loved ones away from the media scrutiny.