All About Author Ali Bouzari Wife, Ethnicity, Age & Net Worth

Last Updated : November 6, 2023

Author Ali Bouzari [Photo: Instagram/bouzariali]

Ali Bouzari is a culinary scientist, author, and co-founder of Pilot R&D. He started cooking in a professional kitchen while attending the University of Texas at Austin.

He has helped to lead the charge in changing how people think about cooking by teaching and developing curriculums at top universities.

Bouzari Is Happily Married to His Wife

Bouzari and Alderfer shared their wedding vows in September 2018 in an intimate wedding ceremony. The charming couple now has been together for five years.

She initially posted his picture on her Instagram in 2016 for the first time. In the snap, Bouzari and her brother Michael were making some food for easter in the kitchen.

Thereafter, she began to share the images with him constantly. In addition, she never fails to wish him a happy birthday.

Ali Bouzari tied the knot with his wife, Elizabeth Alderfer, in September 2018 [Source: Bouzari’s Instagram]

Alderfer hasn’t shared much about their romantic life on social media. But the pair always commemorate their wedding anniversary.

Bouzari’s wife, Alderfer, is an American actress who has appeared in several movies and TV shows. However, she is mainly known for working in A.P Bio, United States of AI, and Disjointed. Her first on-screen role was in 2009.

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Bouzari’s Birthdate, Nationality, and Beginning of His Career

Ali Bouzari was born in September 1989, and as of 2023, his age is 34. His dad, a Muslim, is from Iran, a country whose culture is obsessed with food. Bouzari, whose ethnicity is Persian, grew up with Iranians eating great food and making it fun, which was refreshing to focus on.

He began his career as a cook while studying biochemistry as an undergraduate. In 2011, he also started teaching at the Culinary Institute of America while pursuing his Ph.D. in food biochemistry from the University of California, Davis.

Later, he worked with The French Laundry to research a topic exclusive to the food industry: cooking vegetables sous vide, which helped boost his career as a culinary industry consultant.

Ali Bouzari’s dad taught him to swag and food [Source: Bouzari’s Instagram]

This interaction allowed him to collaborate with several restaurants, including Benu and The Restaurant at Meadowood.

He now writes a book to bring the knowledge and insight he gained while working with great chefs worldwide.

In addition, Bouzari also co-founded Pilot R&D, a culinary innovation and product development company working with brands across the food industry with a goal to drive food forward.

Bouzari also played a crucial part in creating the Culinary Institute of America’s bachelor’s degree in Culinary Science, collaborating with a group of scientists and chefs.

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Bouzari’s Net Worth

Bouzari has earned a considerable amount of money as a culinary scientist. Furthermore, he also has other earning sources that help him make money.

As mentioned earlier, the writer also co-founded a company that provides a service across the food industry for those looking for menu development support. It also helps him to earn extra money.

Ali Bouzari has earned a considerable amount of money as a chef [Source: Twitter]

In addition, his book Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food is available for $28.20. It won the IACP award for Best Reference Book.

Additionally, several sites have claimed that he has an estimated net worth of $5 million. However, he hasn’t revealed the exact figures yet. As a prominent author, chef, and culinary scientist, he must have a decent fortune.