As Per Andrew Flair, His Wife Is His Best Catch

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

YouTuber Andrew Alan Flair and his wife Macy Flair [Photo: Instagram/fishing_with_flair]

Andrew Flair’s love for fishing is immense, and he links his wife with it. He describes that he caught Macy Flair instead of catching small fish and found her the best catch yet.

They continue to move forward in their love journey, with each other sharing a blissful marital life. Here is everything you need to know about their love life.

How It Began for Flair and His Wife

Andrew Flair and his better half, Macy Flair, introduced themselves by exchanging messages on Instagram in 2015. He was the one who initiated the conversation, and the rest is history.

Flair once shared a Twitter post and penned, “How it started. How it’s going.” In that same post, his wife replied by sharing a picture of her holding a fish and wrote, “More like this is how it started.”

Andrew-Flair’s Twitter post about his love life. [Photo: Twitter]

Moving forward, Flair proposed to Macy to be his girlfriend in July 2015 by taking her fishing. She was unaware of his plans and thought they were fishing for bluegills only.

However, Flair’s spouse was surprised when she opened the livewell and found flowers & chocolates instead of a bucket of minnows. Macy agreed to be his belle and they have been together ever since. They dated each other for a couple of years before deciding to marry each other.

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Married to His Wife Since 2020

Andrew Flair and his other half, Macy Flair, exchanged their marital vows on  September 11, 2020. It was a blissful time for Flair as he hit the milestone of two million subscribers during the weekend of his marriage. Likewise, their wedding was graced by their close friends and family members.

The wedding picture of Andrew Flair and his wife. [Photo: Andrew Flair’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the groom looked dashing in a suit, while the bride was stunning in her white gown. They both held a bouquet full of white flowers; indeed, it was a flawless marriage ceremony.

Before becoming a married pair, Flair was the one who planned an adorable proposal with a diamond ring on the seaside. He announced their engagement on Instagram, sharing it with his fans.

In addition, the romantic duo further strengthened their love bond when both were ready to become parents. Flair announced Macy’s pregnancy through his social media in April 2021.

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Raising Their Daughter With Love and Care

Andrew Flair and Macy Flair entered the next phase of their lives by becoming parents to their daughter, Brooklyn Ruth. Their lovely daughter was born in October 2021.

Fans catch glimpses of the Internet personality’s daughter through his social media account. He makes sure to spend quality time with Brooklyn and Macy whenever possible.

Andrew Flair with his wife and daughter. [Photo: Andrew Flair’s Instagram]

Fishing has always been close to Flair, and it cannot be denied he also taught his partner how to fish. Likewise, it goes similarly with his daughter, and he often takes her fishing with him.

It will likely not be surprising if little Brooklyn also gets into fishing like her father. She is learning about fishing from an early age, and the credit goes to her dad for taking her to experience it.

Overall, Flair has a loving family of three and continues to live a prosperous life with them. Also, his successful marital life will continue to flourish and strengthen with time.