Josh Scherer Is Excited To Spend Rest Of His Life With To-Be-Wife

Last Updated : October 29, 2023

Chef Josh Scherer and Julia Levy [Photo: Instagram/julskye]

Josh Scherer is now engaged to his partner and is planning to spend the rest of his life with her. They are seen enjoying every moment of their life when they are together.

Plus, the mythical chef is excited about his upcoming days with his future wife, and their wedding could take place soon.

Josh Scherer Is Engaged With His Soon To Be Wife

The 31-year-old revealed the good news to the public through his Instagram post in February 2022. He wrote that his future wife, Julia Levy, said yes to his proposal.

Before sharing that video, she had already announced that she was going to continue this silly adventure that they call life, with Scherer showing off her beautiful ring.

Furthermore, he stated he was excited to spend the rest of his life with her. His future wife showed and made him truly believe that he deserves happiness.

Scherer expressed that the only thing that mattered in the world was happiness and, at last, wrote, “Love you, Jules.”

Moreover, Levy shared the edited video of their proposal on Valentine’s Day, which was filmed by the strangers sitting at the dining. She penned that the clip made her emotional every time she watched it.

In the video, Scherer could be seen bending his knee and opening the ring box in front of her. As he slid the ring on her ring finger, tears of joy flowed through her eyes.

After that, they shared a romantic kiss with each other on a wonderful night out on the terrace of a restaurant.

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Levy is Proud of Her Future Husband’s Work

Levy’s partner is the chef of the famous YouTube channel Mythical Kitchen. He first introduced his fiancee on his channel while he was getting another famous YouTuber, Babish’s face tattooed on his back.

After that, a year later, he again brought her to his channel.

In the video, Levy agreed that Scherer seduced her through the food. She added that their first meal was over at a romantic restaurant. Further, the chef had cooked her shrimp quesadillas after they came from a bar.

While collaborating together, they tested their relationship. The challenge was to make grilled broccolini Caesar salad with lamb chops, romesco, and a little bit of berry shortcake in 30 minutes.

After they filmed the clip, Levy said sorry for eating all the strawberries when Scherer wasn’t looking.

Scherer and his tp-be-wife while collaborating on a video. [Photo: Levy’s Instagram]

Then she wrote that she got to see her soon-to-be husband in his element. She was endlessly proud of the work he did and admitted that his work was harder than it looked.

At last, she thanked the Mythical Kitchen team for letting her make a mess in their kitchen.

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Scherer’s Partner Has a Bold Resume

Levy got her early education from the Great Neck North High School. Plus, she completed her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science (B.S) from the University of Miami.

Further, she has worked as a professional and an intern in 12 different companies. Levy served as a Brand Ambassador, a Summer Intern, an Event Intern, and a Market Intern during the initial years.

Besides internships, she officially worked as a Coordinator of Public Relations at Isaacs & Proz Productions. After that, she served as an Office Assistant at Dolphin Digital Media.

Then, she spent more than 2 years at Home Entertainment and Publicity in Lionsgate.

Levi is a talented and experienced Business Director. [Photo: Levy’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Levy worked as the Coordinator while working for The Door. After that, a few months later, she served as an Account Executive for Shore Fire Media.

Moreover, the lovely lady has found stability at Dolphin Entertainment, Inc., as she has worked there for more than three years.

At first, she worked as a Manager of Special Projects and then was Director of Business Development and Strategy for more than 2 years. Levy now works as Chief of Staff there.

Well, it has already been over a year since their engagement. Hopefully, the lovebirds will also soon reveal more details regarding their wedding.