As Per Andy Elliott’s Wife, One Should Fit Family In Their Career

Last Updated : December 7, 2023

Car salesman Andy Elliott and his wife, Jacqueline Elliott [Photo: Facebook/theandyelliott]

Andy Elliott and his wife lead a prospering married life that has blossomed for over a decade and continues to do so. With a successful love life, they also have a lovely family of their own.

Here are the details for those who want to learn about their romantic and family life.

One of Elliot’s Wife’s Tips to Take Life to the Next Level

Andy Elliott’s wife, Jacqueline Elliott, notes that you must include the family in your career. She encourages people to do it to let them know about the sacrifices you make at work.

His life partner recommends letting them in your struggles and finds it the only way they will ever know or respect what you are doing. Likewise, she drops this motivational advice on her social media handle.

Andy Elliot’s sweet wife, Jacqueline Elliott. [Photo: Jacqueline Elliott’s Instagram]

Elliott’s lover encourages people looking to take their lives to the next level to follow her. She will be helping them achieve fulfillment in both their career and personal lives.

As noted earlier, Eillot and his partner lead a happy family, and their children are part of them. They have been experiencing parenting while raising their kids as responsible parents.

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Being a Parent Is Extremely Competitive

Jacqueline Elliott feels being a parent is similar to the extreme competitiveness involved in the business. She finds parents must be an example and invest in their children like never before.

In addition, Elliott’s better half cites that there is nothing that makes her happier in her life than teaching their kids. Similarly, the romantic duo are the parents of their three children.

Andy Elliot and his wife with their kids. [Photo: Jacqueline Elliot’s Instagram]

Their son’s name is Lan Elliot, and Jacqueline is proud of him. He is her oldest son, and she has always thanked him for teaching her how to become a mom, as she had to learn everything about how to raise a baby.

Moreover, Lan is not the only kid of his parents and has two younger sisters, Kira and Sofia. Elliot once uploaded a YouTube video with his daughter Sofia, in which they discussed the topic “I need to think about It.”

Jacqueline also never misses a chance to feature her lovely family photo on her social media account. At times, whenever they upload a family picture, there is a girl other than their three children. But her identity remains a mystery.

Regarding parenthood, they have several measures but have a one-top parenting rule for their kids. They have set the rules as two yeses for a yes, but you only need one no whenever kids have something to ask them.

Overall, Jacqueline’s husband is doing great as a husband and responsible parent to their kids. He is also an amazing personality and is the important man of her life.

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Jacqueline Met Her Husband When He Was a Used Cars Manager

Andy Elliot and his spouse have been together for over fifteen years, marrying on July 5, 2008, after two years of dating. Their relationship wasn’t always smooth, and their marriage had ups and downs like every other couple.

Jacqueline first met Elliot when she moved to Oklahoma, and he was a used car manager then. Also, they didn’t work in the same dealership but worked for the same dealer group.

Andy Eilliot and his spouse. [Photo: Andy Elliot’s Facebook]

Even after all these years, the duo is going stronger than ever. Once, Elliot even showcased his love through poetry in one of his Instagram posts. He expressed, “Babe… always remember, that I have eyes that only see you, arms that long for you alone, and a heart that wants you… only you.”

On the other hand, Jacqueline shows equal love toward him, and shared love knows no bounds when shared with him. She describes him as an incredible soul and is always grateful to have him by her.

Speaking of his significant other, she has been a founder and CEO at the Elliot Group since July 2011. It is the fastest-growing sales training group in the world.