Andy Stumpf Ties the Knot Following His Divorce from First Wife

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Andy Stumpf

Andy Stumpf leads a blissful marital life with his second wife, Leah Stumpf. He marked his wedding day as unforgettable and thanked everyone who made it possible.

Here is what you need to discover about his first spouse and why his first marriage failed.

Enjoys Marital Life With His Present Wife

Andy Stumpf and his spouse, Leah Stumpf, had their wedding ceremony in August 2022. Their family and friends were the attendants who witnessed their ceremony.

The duo have already hit the milestone of their first wedding anniversary. His wife shared an Instagram post during their anniversary and noted, “Best year of my life looking forward to many more. Happy Anniversary.”

The marriage ceremony of Andy Stumpf with his wife. [Photo: Andy Stumpf’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Stumpf appreciates his partner for inspiring him to become a better version of himself. The fans are also happy for them, and they don’t forget to congratulate them in the comment section.

Stumpf is a great supporter and has helped her by any means during her hunting session. He provided Leah with some rifle training, and she thanked him for helping her get dialed in for rifle season.

Overall, the love birds undoubtedly share their prosperous marital life without hindrance. They strive to lead their marital journey for more years to come and capture beautiful memories.

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Stumpf’s Wife Is a Jiu-Jitsu Specialist

Leah Stumpf is a Straight Blast Gym black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is a full-time jiu-jitsu coach at SBG Montana in Kalispell and a YouTuber uploading martial arts content.

Furthermore, Stumpf is a supportive husband and even congratulated her when she received her third stripe on her black belt. He feels inspired to see her working daily in a men-dominated sport and still doing great.

The source of inspiration for Leah to begin traditional martial arts was her mother as a senior in high school. She tried many martial arts styles at different schools during her journey but discovered jiu-jitsu as best suited.

Leah Stumpf is a jiu-jitsu expert. [Photo: Leah Stumpf’s Instagram]

Moreover, Stumpf’s spouse hopes to use her experience to coach and help those around her become the strongest version of themselves. She tries to make them the most confident version of themselves through martial arts.

The beautiful lady has built a career empowering women’s and children’s groups. She provides self-defense programs through her martial arts expertise, including women’s and children’s programs.

Besides jiu-jitsu, Leah loves other activities like surfing, scuba diving, and exploring the deep ocean. She also got a basic scuba certification from Eric Heller on her fourth birthday.

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Clarified About His Divorce From Previous Spouse

Andy Stumpf spoke about his divorce publicly on social media. However, he noted that there would be no podcast or posts discussing their separation, and the reasons are kept under wrap.

Furthermore, he implied those who prefer to sit back and judge or assign blame should be directed toward him. He also specified no medium could capture the totality of real life, and that is where they failed.

In addition, Stumf has two sons and a daughter from his previous relationship. For those wondering, he occasionally posts about them on his Instagram account.

Andy Stumpf with his kids. [Photo: Andy Stumpf’s kids]

The handsome hunk is a responsible father to his children. Stumpf encourages fathers to be the example, set the example, and never stop telling their kids they love them.

Stump’s former wife has also kept her profile low-key from the public. They don’t intend to share anything about their marital life; no details are available in the public domain.

In conclusion, Stumpf is leading a blissful second marriage after his first love life failed. They continue to cherish their journey sailing on their love boat.