Andy Woodhull and His Wife Have Already Divorced

Last Updated : November 9, 2023

Stand-Up Comedian Andy Woodhull [Photo: Facebook/andywoodhullfanpage]

Andy Woodhull’s comedic videos or stand-up gigs usually revolve around his personal life. He talks about some incidents or reactions to conversations with his wife or others.

Woodhull shared marital life with his better half, Patricia Woodhull, also known as Tricia Woodhull. He usually updated fans about Tricia on his social media account and used to address her whenever possible. But he later revealed they were no longer together.

Got Divorced in 2018

Andy Woodhull and Tricia Woodhull, once considered a lovey-dovey couple, have hit a bump. The comedian, who often used to post about his wife, suddenly stopped sharing on his Facebook and Twitter.

He used to share posts with captions like, “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife Tricia Woodhull congratulations on surviving another year married to me. Love you”

He completely stopped posting about her by 2018. So, Woodhull’s sudden change in behavior of not sharing anything possibly raised questions about their marital status among netizens.

Therefore, in July 2021, the comedian revealed his divorce in one of his Facebook captions. Woodhull described that he was married but is now divorced.

Andy-Woodhull wife
Andy Woodhull captioned on his marital life status. [Photo: Facebook]

Woodhull once thumbnailed his YouTube video”Dishes joke from 2015. 4 years divorced now,” uploaded in 2022. Many fans shared their views, and one of the users commented, “He did get divorced and humor can often be a way to speak truth. It can be a joke AND something that actually affects their relationship.”

Overall, they are divorced now, and the split possibly occurred in 2018. Regardless, the reason for their divorce is unknown, and neither of them have spoken anything about it.

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The Former Couple Met at a Club

Andy Woodhull and his former spouse, Tricia, met at a club but knew each other before they met, as both are from Elkhart, Indiana. They possibly started dating afterward and soon had their marriage.

The loving duo had a regular wedding ceremony attended by close colleagues and family members. The groom looked dashing in a tuxedo, while the groom looked gorgeous in a white gown.

Andy-Woodhull wife
The wedding ceremony of Andy Woodhull and his wife. [Photo: John Conrad’s Facebook]

In addition, Tricia was a supportive spouse who often used to review his jokes, and he allowed her to prohibit the jokes she didn’t like. She also had a good sense of humor and added a few jokes from her side.

They had great chemistry with each other. But sometimes, a few relationships fail to stand the test of time, and sadly, their marriage also ended.

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The Wedding Brought Two Children into His Life

Andy Woodhull’s wife already had two kids from her previous relationship. Therefore, after marrying her, he got to experience parenthood as the stepfather of those two kids.

Tricia’s elder daughter is Zoe Estella Rollins, who was born in January 2002. The gorgeous lady has provided glimpses of her daughter Zoe through social media posts.

Andy Woodhull’s elder stepdaughter, Zoe Estella Rollins. [Photo: Tricia Woodhull’s Facebook]

Moreover, the name of Woodhull’s younger stepdaughter is Olivia Rollins. She was born in 2003, is twenty years old, and loves to swim and play musical instruments like the piano.

Woodhull comedy album Step Parenting describes his experience of becoming the stepdad of two girls. He has also talked about the experience of watching his stepdaughters by himself for the first time.

Furthermore, Woodhull’s stepdaughters thought his comedy was cool but weren’t overly impressed.

Woodhull’s Ex-Wife Is a Painter

Tricia Woodhull is a passionate painter based in the US Virgin Islands. She usually paints sketches on paper and large works on canvas using materials like Ink, acrylics, watercolors, and colored pencils.

Furthermore, Tricia’s amazing paintings can be explored on her social media platform. She also sells paints on her official page based on sizes such as small, medium, and large.

She often travels to different places and seeks inspiration for her paintings from those travels. The beautiful lady’s painting mainly depicts nature, sea, and mountains.

In addition to painting work, Tricia is also passionate about swimming as a life skill. She also coaches swimming and has coached it to the kids of the Virgin Islands.