Five Interesting Facts About KTLA Reporter Annie Rose Ramos

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

KTLA 5 News Reporter Annie Rose Ramos [Photo: Instagram/annierosetv]

Annie Rose Ramos has been a general assignment reporter at KTLA 5 News since joining in November 2022. She also worked as a field producer and digital reporter on NBC News.

Ramos feels a thrill telling stories that impact the community of California, in which she grew up. Here are the more details one should know about her.

Annie Rose Ramos Is Not Married

Some celebrity personalities want to keep their romantic life under wrap, and Ramos is no exception. Nothing hints at her love life, even though she has shared photos with others.

Most of Ramos’s pictures are from work or with friends or family members. She once featured a post where she thanked Fernando Salazar for letting her borrow his husband for the weekend.

Annie Rose Ramos borrowed Fernando Salazar’s husband. [Photo: Annie Rose Ramos’ Instagram]

Moreover, Ramos has likely faced many dating mishaps and once updated about it on her Twitter handle. She tweeted, tagging some users to get ready to hear about her dating mishaps, which were too many to count.

Overall, the beautiful lady possibly leads a single life. She might unveil it to her followers once Ramos has found her soulmate.

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Celebrates Her Birthday in October

The general assignment reporter celebrates her birthday every year in October. However, it isn’t the only single day Ramos has fun. Instead, she finds herself lucky to get weeks of fun festivities.

Annie Rose Ramos during her birthday. [Photo: Annie Rose Ramos’ Instagram]

During her birthday in 2023, Ramos shared a post citing she had never felt more grateful for her friends for enjoying the time with her. She had great fun traveling with her pals from New York to Baltimore to LA.

Furthermore, Ramos updates fans about her birthday on her social media accounts. She is grateful for the life she has and enjoys every moment.

Her Father and Brother’s Services to the Country and Community

Ramos must be proud of her father, who served his nation. He was a U.S. Army who served in the United States Air Force. One of her brothers also followed in their dad’s footsteps.

Ramos’s brother John served in the U.S. Navy Reserves. However, her other sibling, Jason, didn’t join the military and became a firefighter.

The journalist’s family has deep roots in Los Angeles, and she grew up in the  San Gabriel Valley. Also, she belongs to the Mexican-American ethnicity, so much of her culture involves family and food.

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Had a Fun Cooking Session With Her Mother and Jessica Holmes

Annie Rose Ramos enjoys cooking with her mother and shares their cooking session on her social media handles. Once, she enjoyed preparing cocktails with her mom and friend, Jessica Holmes.

Annie Rose Ramos with her mother and Jessica. [Photo: Annie Ross Ramos’ Instagram]

Ramos always has fun while cooking with her mama. She invites her fans to learn cocktail recipes but warns them to leave before her Mom talks about potty training her.

In addition, Ramos’s mother loves Los Angeles, citing there is no place like it and no place like home. The reporter seems to be a loving and caring daughter.

Has Got Four Siblings

Annie Rose Ramos, whose ethnicity is Mexican-American, is not the only child of her parents and has four siblings. As noted earlier, the names of her brothers are John and Jason, while the names of the other two are unknown.

Ramos, including her parents and siblings, didn’t have much money to go abroad or even trips out of the state, so they spent the weekend exploring Los Angeles.

Annie Rose Ramos with her family. [Photo: Annie Rose Ramos’ Instagram]

However, this is not the case at present as Ramos, with her siblings and family, travels to different destinations. Some of the places are Disneyland Park, California, and the St. Monica Catholic Community.

Overall, they have a happy and blissful family of seven.