Vaughn Hillyard Is Engaged With His Partner Devan Cayea

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

Vaughn Hillyard Is Engaged With His Partner Devan Cayea [Photo: Instagram/hungry_eye/vaughn_hillyard]

Vaughn Hillyard is sharing a romantic relationship with his partner, Devan Cayea. They have stepped further in their love life by completing the engagement ceremony.

Although several sites claim he is single, here is all one needs to know about his romantic life with Cayea.

Vaughn Hillyard First Started Dating Some Years Ago

Vaughn Hillyard started a romantic love life with his partner, Devan Cayea, possibly in 2020. Although he is a private personality, Hillyard updates fans about his life.

On Instagram, Hillyard makes sure to provide glimpses of Cayea most of the time. He shares an open relationship and isn’t shy to show love toward Cayea.

Cayea has been part of Hillyard’s family and shares close bonds with them as well. He is always included in family time moments, as witnessed through Hillyard’s social account.

The big surprise came when the news reporter announced his engagement with Cayea through an Instagram post in August 2022. He admired his partner and fans who were on this love journey together.

Moreover, fans poured their love into that Instagram post, congratulating and showing admiration for both. One of the users penned, “Happy for you both! You make a striking couple, and wish you guys all the best!”

Vaughh Hillyard partner
Vaughn Hillyard with his partner Devan Cayea. [Photo: Vaughn Hillyard’s Instagram]

Speaking of their engagement, Hillyard and Cayea had their engagement ceremony in Montana, United States. It was an intimate ceremony, and nothing flashy approach was made.

However, Hillyard has remained silent and announced nothing about their marriage preparation. They may have wanted some private time to cherish after the engagement.

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Who Is Vaughn Hillyard’s Fiance, Devan Cayea?

Devan Cayea is a private person, and hasn’t revealed much about him. He has an Instagram account under the username @dcayea, but it is kept in private mode.

Hillyard’s partner was welcomed into this world on August 26, 1991, and is a native of Brockport, New York. Moving forward, he completed his high school at Oneonta High School.

After high school, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and affairs from American University in 2012. Cayea also attended the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012.

Furthermore, Cayea served as the Director of Strategic Planning and Scheduling for the New York State Office of Governor Kathleen Hochul from September 2021 to September 2022.

Before working for Kathleen, he also served as scheduling director for Senator Amy Klobuchar. He was also the operations director for the senator.

Vaughn Hillyard
Vaughn Hillyard’s partner, Devan Cayea, has worked for many people. [Photo: Devan Cayea’s Twitter]

Some other positions in which Cayea has worked include deputy scheduling director and deputy advancing director in the House Democratic Minority Leader.

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Vaughn Hillyard Is Openly Gay

Vaughn Hillyard is an openly gay journalist who has covered various topics, including LGBTQ+. He talks about LGBTQ+ on Twitter and his news reporting programs.

In one of the raw conversations with Michael Avenatti on NBC News, he discussed various topics, including gay rights.

Hillyard once shared a video in which Rand Paul shared about LGBTQ+ protections. He said, “If you are gay, there are plenty of places that will hire you.”

Hillyard’s Twitter handle is an open book where he has shared every news possible about the LGBTQ+ community.

Moreover, Vaughn Hillyard shares a blissful romantic journey with his partner, Devan Cayea. It seemingly looks like their romantic life has further nourished with time.