Ash Sarkar Had a DIY Wedding With Her Husband

Last Updated : November 3, 2023

Ash Sarkar Had a DIY Wedding With Her Husband [Photo: Instagram/ayocaesar]

Ash Sarkar was aiming for the footballer Dembele to be her husband, and now she has secretly married. Once, she posted on Twitter, “Look at my future husband Dembele drawing the penalty and earning my love.”

Currently, Sarkar is married to another man, although she longed for Dembele to be her future husband. The beautiful lady often features him on her social media feeds.

Announced Her Wedding News on Twitter

Sarkar surprised her fans when she announced on Twitter that she was getting married in July 2023. She kept this news under wrap as she had fun letting people post about how she was going to die alone, etc.

Also, the exciting aspect of Sarkar’s marriage ceremony was their approach to a DIY wedding. She and her spouse planned it that way due to a cost of living crisis, and weddings are mega-expensive.

Sarkar approached her fans to let them borrow the necessary stuff to complete a wedding. She appealed to borrow things such as chill bags, long strings of battery-powered fairy lights, and a rotating cake stand.

In addition, Sarkar petitioned for donating edible flowers such as pansies, roses, and nasturtium for a wedding cake. Fans responded positively to all her demands and congratulated her on the marriage.

However, there are no pictures of the wedding ceremony shared by Sarkar with her husband. She has only posted two gingerbread-like figures on Twitter and penned, “The only wedding photo you lot are getting.”

Ash Sarkar husband
The wedding picture of Ash Sarkar and her husband. [Photo: Twitter]

The romantic couple must have wanted the memories of their wedding private to themselves.

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Is Pretty Secretive about Her Relationship

There are no questions that Ash Sarkar often uploads the picture with her husband. Yet, she has tried to keep his details minimal from the prying public eyes.

Furthermore, Sarkar once posted a picture wishing him a birthday and captioned it humorously with love. She wrote, “Happy birthday to a long-suffering man.”

Ash Sarkar
Ash Sarkar with her loving partner. [Photo: Ash Sarkar’s Instagram]

In addition, many fans have said that Sarkar’s partner looks like Harrison Ford. Yet, she hasn’t commented anything regardless of the netizen’s thoughts.

Likewise, some sites mistook her partner’s name after seeing a wedding post of her friend Aaron Bastani. Well, it’s not the case, as Bastani shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Charlotte Gerada.

Overall, Ash Sarkar must have her reason for not sharing the details of her partner regarding his personal and professional life. It might be the case he wants to keep his profile low-key.

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Backlash For Her Relationship

After Sarkar revealed her lover’s face on social media, netizens started expressing their opinions. In some way, she received some backlash for her relationship.

People especially made comments regarding her partner being white. One of the Instagram users even commented, “ohhhhh with a white man huh? Hahhaaha.”

Ash Sarkar
A screenshot of Ash Sarkar’s Instagram post. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, one of the Facebook pages also posted about Sarkar’s relationship, placing their thoughts. The post was captioned, “By the way guys Queen of the oppression Olympics Ash Sarkar’s boyfriend is white Honesty you couldn’t write it.”

Despite all these backlashes, Sarkar has remained quiet and hasn’t placed any thoughts on it.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Ash Sarkar shares a lovely, romantic life with her partner. They likely have longed to share a blissful love journey, capturing and cherishing beautiful moments.