Some Interesting Facts To Learn About Magician Asi Wind

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Author and Magician Asi Wind [Photo: Instagram/asiwind]

Asi Wind has gained fame among the netizens for being a fantastic magician. He has made a huge fanbase through his magic show, Asi Wind’s Inner Circle, performing fluidly and with evident pleasure.

Wind’s magic shows are not just close-up magic of cards but also deliver storytelling and drama. Furthermore, he has also authored a book entitled Before We Begin.

Wind Was Born in Israel

Asi Wind was originally born Asi Betesh, who grew up in Holon, near Tel Aviv. Likewise, the 44-year-old is a descendant of Jews from Syria on his father’s side and Iraq on his mother’s side.

The handsome man, whose nationality is Israeli, hasn’t talked about his parents, keeping their details low-key now. However, he has spoken about Juan Tamariz, whom he considers his father in magic. He seems greatly charmed by him and gratitudes Tamariz for his significant impact on his magic work.

Also, the magician posted an appreciation post about Juan with a lovely caption. He penned, “Every show, I talk about my father in magic, the maestro Juan Tamariz. I owe him a million thanks for his significant influence on my work”.

Asi Wind appreciated Juan Tamariz for his influence. [Photo: Instagram]

Overall, Wind is indeed one of the fabulous magicians of his era but is humble, not forgetting people who helped him hone his craft, and Juan falls among one of them.

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Wind Found Magic by Luck

Asi Wind initially hadn’t planned to be a magician. Similarly, he wasn’t possibly involved in magic, having a passion and drive to make a career out of it.

Asi-Wind showed his magic card trick. [Photo: Asi Wind’s Instagram]

However, Wind had an idea of magic, as his uncle used to show him tricks but never taught or showed him how it’s done. Furthermore, his uncle had a magic book that he kept on a high shelf out of reach from Wind.

Wind, from his curiosity to see the book, did anything possible to reach it and eventually had his hands on it. After he read it, it was Wind’s very soft introduction to magic, but that didn’t pull him to become a magician.

Furthermore, the author’s second introduction to magic occurred when he visited a magic shop in Tel Aviv. The man showed some tricks for somebody else & he found it astonishing.

Curious, he asked that magic shop’s man to show him some tricks. The man at the end of the trick hinted that 50 shekels were keeping him from knowing how it was done, and he brought it to see secrets for that price.

In conclusion, Wind found magic through pure luck and coincidence, gradually developing an interest.

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Wind Is a Talented Painter as Well

Wind is even a painter in addition to his career as a magician. He usually features his paintings on social media feeds, giving fans glimpses of his craft.

Wind’s paintings can be bought at a starting price of $100. He has painted several personalities, such as Tommy Wonder, Tom Mullica, and Derren Brown, among others.

Moreover, the painter also puts out paintings of his heroes during his magic shows. He is a brilliant painter, and his artistry is available to glimpse on his shows and Instagram.

Many Big Names Have Attended His Show

At this point, Wind is not an ordinary magician; instead is a performer who has shown magic tricks to several known celebrities. One of them is an American special effects designer, Adam Savage.

Ira Glass, Neil Patrick Harris, Alan Cumming, and Jason Sudeikis have also attended his magic shows.

He even got the privilege of showcasing his magic work to a well-known Hollywood star, Tom Hanks. Furthermore, the exciting fact is Wind performed the magic on Hanks instead of showing other tricks.

Asi Wind with the prominent American actor Tom Hanks. [Photo: Asi Wind’s Instagram]

Furthermore, David Blaine, who calls Wind his favorite magician, described the nature of Asi Wind in one of the phone interviews. He is also a producer of Inner Circle.

Blaine mentioned fame was not Wind’s goal, and what interests him most is answering the question, “How can I make magic a great experience for my audience?” and that’s what he chases for.

In conclusion, Wind has achieved all this success through hard work and dedication toward his work.