Brian Patrick Flynn Met His Husband on a Blind Date

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn and his husband Hollis Smith [Facebook/brian.p.flynn.3]

Brian Patrick Flynn is blissfully married to his husband, Hollis Smith. They had a fantastic wedding in one of the most untouched places on Earth.

The beginning of their relationship is quite surprising as they were set up to meet each other.

Flynn First Met His Husband in May 2006

Flynn and Smith didn’t plan their first meeting. Well, they also didn’t talk or exchange messages via electronics. There is one surprising thing behind their rendezvous: the lovely couple were set up on a blind date in May of 2006.

As they say, when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it. The love birds also got into an unexpected situation and made it fruitful.

The duo met up in a place at 6:30 pm, and they got so immersed in one another’s conversation that they ended up talking for hours until they shut that place down.

Flynn and Smith enjoyed each other’s vibe and experience. So, they ended up strolling around Midtown Atlanta until 2:30 am. After that, the interior designer took a taxi back to his loft downtown. And, since then, they have been together.

flynnn-and-his husband-had-the-most-epic-and-thrilling-wedding-on-the-most-unexpected-place-on-earth
Flynn and his husband had the most epic and thrilling wedding in the most unexpected place on Earth. [Photo: Instagram]

This year, the pair celebrated their seventeenth Valentine’s Day, and the design expert shared a picture of them taken eight years ago. Further, although Smith is four years younger, Flynn admitted that he looked eight years older than him.

The madly in love couple wanted a unique wedding, so much so that they chose one of the most bizarre places on Earth. They courageously visited Earth’s most dangerous, unpredictable, and untouched part six years ago.

Flynn and his husband exchanged their wedding vows on an ice floe of Antarctica. Penguins, leopard seals, and scientists were there.

All in all, their wedding was the most epic experience of all time. Even after all these years, the duo is still head over heels for one another.

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Hollis Is an Instructor and a Stylist

Flynn’s husband, Hollis, is a customer/stylish working in film, television, and theater. He has an extensive background in theatre and fine arts.

Further, the talented guy has managed customer departments, from small-budget short films and appearances to the largest Marvel productions in the southeast.

Flynn’s life partner is equally talented in acting and has directed and managed productions and performed on set for local theaters. Moreover, he has shared his vast knowledge about arts, style, and experiences behind the scenes with the students of Actor 360.

Smith is a creative stylist working in an artistic field. [Photo: Smith’s Instagram]

He has prepared the students for a brilliant and successful day on set. His classes include three categories. The first one is about dressing for headshots and contact sheets. The second one is the discussion about how to take accurate body measurements.

After that, the last one is inside the actor’s closet: basic garments for working on set and auditioning. Besides his professional life, the stylist is active on his social media handles.

Further, Flynn’s lover is known for movies like Shazam! Fury of Gods (2023), Blue Beetle (2023), and The Devil All the Time (2020).

Furthermore, he has two Instagram accounts. On one, he posts mostly about his professional life and styled customs. The second is for visually documenting his life as he travels here and there; however, he has kept it private.

Overall, Flynn’s better half is a talented stylist and performer who has taught the new generations about the working of the film industry and theatrical works.

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Smith Celebrated His 51st Birthday in June

Flynn has warmly wished his partner on his 51st birthday this year. During that day, he was out of town on an install and charmingly told his audiences to crowdsource a delightful, ‘Happy Birthday’ or two in the comment section.

Likewise, on his 50th birthday, Hollis wanted a dollar store Luau-themed birthday party. They successfully delivered on said dollar store Luau-themed birthday party.

Further, the design expert said his fans would tell Smith a happy birthday in the comments. Then he added, “Tell him how much like Keanu Reeves he looks, but not because I’m telling you to, but because it’s true.”

Moreover, the TV personality has also shared a humorous post. He was trying to get a decent Christmas card photo but couldn’t do so because Hollis made some silly faces and, most of the time, wasn’t looking in the camera.

Nevertheless, Flynn and Smith have a well-balanced professional and romantic life.