Carolyn Kindle’s Ex-Husband Seems To Have Moved On After the Divorce

Last Updated : November 9, 2023

St. Louis CITY SC Owner Carolyn Kindle [Photo: YouTube/@KSDK]

Carolyn Kindle was enjoying her bliss-filled married life with her then-husband, Adam Betz. The former couple also loved playing golf together.

However, their marriage didn’t stand the test of time, and they had to part ways. Now, her former lover has already moved on with his new partner to write another chapter of his life.

Kindle’s Former Husband’s New Love Interest

Kindle’s ex-lover, Betz, fell in love with a girl named Melissa Amlong at his golf training center, Family Golf. Initially, they used to hang out during the happy hours, and their connection grew with time.

Betz married his new partner a few months ago. [Photo: Gateway PGA YouTube/Channel]

But, their romantic growth wasn’t without some tension at the workplace. Finally, during the Cardinals’ Opening Day 2021, they opened up about their feeling for one another after drinking a few cocktails.

Eventually, Melissa took Betz to Tuscany, Italy, as her best friend had invited her to the wedding. Then, she planned a detailed schedule for their perfect summer vacation in Italy.

It was their second day in Rome, where they went to explore a new restaurant and the Trevi Fountain with her best friend, Chelsea, and her husband. When Melissa and her best friend arrived at the fountain, Betz handed them coins to make a wish.

Then he asked her best friend to take a video of them tossing their coins. After tossing the coin and making the wish, Betz held Melissa’s hand, stood up, and moved cautiously. He then descended onto his one knee and asked her to marry him.

It was a dream come true for her, plus her best friend caught the whole thing on camera. Then, they spent the rest of the night roaming around Rome. A year after the proposal, Melissa and Betz exchanged their wedding vows on May 6, 2023, in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Kindle and Her Former Husband Had a Silent Divorce

Kindle was a student at John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri, and Betz went to Parkway South High School in Manchester, Missouri. Despite being a fellow St. Louisan, they didn’t meet earlier.

Kindle and Betz met as they were set up on a blind date. After that, their relationship deepened, and they decided to tie the knot. Further, she loved spending time playing golf with her then-husband, who is a professional golfer.

When Kindle was asked whether or not she would let her husband win at golf from time to time to keep harmony in the family, she said that he was a professional golf teacher and thought that the question should be whether he would let her win or not.

In 2019, they were married for four years, but after that, they are rumored to have divorced quietly. According to the Redditors, Kindle was cheated on by her ex-lover, and after the divorce, that individual got the family golf place on a big bend as a settlement.

Reddit users discussing Kindle’s divorce. [Photo: Reddit]

Another user even stated that it was her second marriage and was sure that they had the divorce records sealed at the court to keep their divorce silent. Moreover, some sites have stated that they shared two children, but they haven’t said anything regarding that topic.

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Kindle’s Former Partner Teaches and Loves Playing Golf

Kindle’s former partner is a professional golf teacher and owns Family Golf and Learning Centre. He has aspirations of creating a first-class golf practice facility, and he designed the institute to promote the highest level of learning, development, and potential of one’s golf skills.

Kindle playing virtual golf with her former husband. [Photo: Twitter]

Furthermore, he is a proud PGA member and shares the game of golf with many families and individuals. Moreover, Betz has had a profound career since 2003.

At first, he was an Assistant Golf Professional at Burnt Pine Golf Club; after two years, he became Outside Operations/Assistant Caddy Master at Lost Tree Club.

Then, he experienced a massive leap in his golf career as he served as a Touring Golf Professional at Birdie Hunter LLC. After he had worked there for four and a half years, he became a golf instructor at Big Bend Golf Centre.

Eventually, he left that position and became a Golf Professional at Meadowbrook Country Club for nearly 7 years. After that, he opened his family-like training institute and is now enjoying his life along with his new wife.

All in all, Betz is a great life partner and a golf instructor who gives his best to his students.