Chiquis Rivera’s Boyfriend Can’t-Wait to Marry Her

Last Updated : December 2, 2023

Chiquis Rivera and her boyfriend

Chiquis Rivera is currently in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend. Further, she has decided to take her relationship to the next level by getting engaged.

She had a tumultuous relationship in the past, but despite that, she decided to give love another chance and found the love of her life.

He shared His Excitement Via an Instagram Post

When loved ones surround an individual, they see incredible changes—likewise, Rivera’s boyfriend. Emilio Sanchez felt his life quickly evolving when they got engaged. It was a very special moment for him to reach it, and the journey has been fun with her.

Rivera’s boyfriend can’t wait to marry her. [Photo: Instagram]

He affectionately calls her Janney and says she has made everything worth it. Rivera’s life also took a turn for the better; she expressed how thankful she was for him. Further, she has thanked him for giving her the honor of being his fianceé.

Then, she wrote, “Of course, I said yes.” She thanked god for his existence and wished her beau a warm, happy birthday. He is a beautiful human, and she is blessed to spend every day with him. Similarly, her partner has also wished her a warm, happy birthday.

He was honored to grow in love with her and watch her blossom through life as one of the most genuinely beautiful people on earth. Furthermore, when she was sad, Sanchez took her to the happiest place on earth. And she thanked him while affectionately calling him “Te Amo.”

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Rivera’s Boyfriend Is a Photographer

Rivera’s partner, Emilio Sanchez, is a photographer, visual artist, and entrepreneur based in Santa Monica, CA. He has evolved and has created a unique blend of styles.

The photographer’s styles have ranged from LA street culture to directing photoshoots and helping execute campaign visions. Her boyfriend has captured the very essence, look, and feel of who he is shooting.

Further, he has also done client work for high-profile celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, YG, Becky G, Lil Baby, Mr. Cartoon, and many more.

Her partner has taken eye-striking images of high-profile celebrities. [Photo: Thank You Connect YouTube/Channel ]

Initially, he wasn’t a photographer; he used to be in the gym all the time during his youth and started competing when he was eleven/twelve. He thought he would be a professional fighter, and after-school weekends were filled with boxing.

Then, when he was 16 years old, he picked up the camera for the first time but still used to train and go to the gym. After that, he took pictures of the fighters with his camera. Aside from some classes he took in high school, he is pretty much self-taught.

There was also a photographer in his gym where he used to train, and he mentored him and gave assignments. In high school, he encountered a guy in a barber shop who worked at the local youth center. That guy found the photo he took pretty impressive.

Then, the next week, he took him over to Soul Assassin Studios, run by Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oreo, a tattoo artist and a photographer. He used his camera to take pictures whenever parties and events were organized there.

After that, he worked in Youth and Reckless. Overall, he wants to work with people who have made him think outside.

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Divorce With Ex-Husband

Rivera was previously married to Lorenzo E. Méndez Ronquillo, the vocalist of a Mexican band. Though divorced, he has said he is still in love with her. The reason behind their divorce was their argument after four months of their wedding.

Rivera has divorced with her former partner. [ Photo: Rivera’s Instagram]

There were lots of things like insecurities, lies, and disrespectfulness between them. They were not vibing with one another, and his life didn’t fit into her plans. And they couldn’t support each other’s dreams, goals, and plans.

On the other hand, Rivera felt like she was a devoted wife and had denied the rumors, saying that she was unfaithful.

Further, they haven’t been able to get a divorce due to the pandemic. However, the trial began in September 2020. All in all, their relationship didn’t work out in the long term, and they are now walking their paths separately.