Chris Carrabba Is Married And Has Two Children

Last Updated : November 27, 2023


It is a well-known fact that Chris Carrabba is a married man. Many may not know or have acknowledged that he is the father of two children, whom he shares with his lovely wife.

Carrabba once posted a picture with his family showcasing his love for them. He states that his love for them is boundless, and his pride in them is endless.

Has Spoken About His Wife in Some of His Interviews

Chris Carrabba never shies from gushing about his wife, Bonnie Carrabba, and his love for her. He has mentioned and spoken about her in several interviews whenever possible.

Furthermore, Carrabba describes and feels grateful that his wife is incredibly independent. He also mentions that his better half is not living a life that’s defined by what he is doing with his life.

Chris Carrabba’s wife and his daughter. [Photo: Bonnie Carrabba’s Instagram]

Moreover, Carrabba’s wife is a supportive partner and supports his musical career. She previously shared some concrete details about her husband, notifying the netizens.

Speaking of their marriage, they reportedly got married in 2004, but their confirmed date is still unknown. He hasn’t shared the details and might be preferring to keep it private, away from the public.

Nevertheless, Chris is also a loving father and has shared snaps of his kids on social media. He features his daughter promptly, including on her special occasions like birthdays.

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Carrabba’s Thoughtful Words for Daughter on Her Birthday

Chris Carrabba only has words filled with admiration for his daughter, Alexa Carrabba. During her birthday, he stated that he felt amazed by her talent and wit, who has the poise and grace of a young woman.

The singer loves his daughter in a way that can’t be described in words and calls her his heart. Although she is a teenager by now, she will always be his little girl in his eyes.

Chris Carrabba’s daughter, Alexa Carrabba. [Photo: Chris Carrabba’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Carrabba sees Alexa’s voice as one of the gifts from many. The handsome hunk mentions his kid as the funniest person he has ever known, an incredible daughter, sister, artist, & friend.

Alexa is a sports lover and loves playing volleyball, as noted on her Instagram bio. As mentioned earlier, she is a talented singer and dancer who will possibly follow in her father’s footsteps.

In addition, Carrabba’s daughter is potentially a private personality as she has preferred to keep her Instagram private. Overall, the singer is a loving father and provides absolute love to his little girl.

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Carrabba’s Son Is Also Into Music

Unsurprisingly, Chris Carrabba’s son, Caden Carrabba, is also into music. However, he is more likely interested in playing musical instruments, especially drums, than being a singer.

Caden penned, “There is no music unless the drum and the drummer are one” on his Instagram bio. He might be planning to pursue a career as a drummer, seeing his passion and dedication.

In addition, Carrabba’s son also got the privilege to play drums with him and his band, Dashboard Confessional, at Credit One Stadium. Caden also shared his experience on his Instagram handle.

Chris Carrabba played drums with the Dashboard Confessional. [Photo: Caden Carrabba’s Instagram]

In Touch Weekly featured Caden in their magazine, naming him Little Drummer Boy. In his dad’s band sold-out show, he played those drums at The Tabernacle with Dashboard Confessional.

Furthermore, Carrabba’s son noted he would never forget playing on stage at The Tabernacle in ATL that night. He also appreciates the crowd welcoming him on the stage that night.

In conclusion, Caden is pursuing to become a drummer in the future. Also, his father has balanced his family and love life despite his busy music career.