Everything From Chris Schauble’s Weight Loss Tips to His Family

Last Updated : December 18, 2023

KTLA 5 Co-anchor Chris Schauble [Photo: Facebook/nmfonline]

Chris Schauble is the co-anchor of the KTLA morning news. Since he began his career, he has received multiple awards, including five Emmys and six Golden Mics.

In addition, he is also a former marathoner and triathlete. He has competed in three Ironman competitions, including five Ironman world championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Schauble is also very passionate about his work, family, and fitness.

Chris Schauble’s Tips on Losing Weight

The journalist always cares about his fitness and is concerned about his weight. Over the years, he has been maintaining his mass. He runs to challenge himself, keep his weight off, and stay healthy for himself and his family.

Back in 2010, he also lost weight during the holidays. In 2014, he had knee surgery, so he tried to lose a certain amount of weight before resuming running because it was too heavy and would hurt him.

Chris Schauble has, at times, shared tips on losing weight. [Photo Source: KTLA 5 Morning News Facebok]

Schauble has lost weight over the years and does not mind sharing his experience.

The co-anchor once shared an article in 2020, saying it was one of the best he had read on leaning out or losing weight.

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Married to His Wife Since 1994

The former marathoner and his wife, Katrina, exchanged wedding vows in 1994. Since then, the two have been married for nearly three decades.

The lovely couple celebrated their 29th anniversary this year in July. He never forgets to wish his wife on their special day or birthday, which she celebrates in March every year.

Chris Schauble and his wife Katrina tied the knot in 1994. [Source: Facebook]

Schauble and Katrina always spend precious time with one another. Moreover, the lovely couple has attended many events and made many beautiful memories.

The two have also welcomed four beautiful children.

Schauble Is in His Early 50s

The famous co-anchor was born in March 1970. He turned fifty-three years old this year. He mostly celebrates his birthday with his family and workmates.

His special day is always full of surprises. In 2015, he didn’t want a cake to celebrate his birthday because he wanted seafood.

So the party proceeded at 5:47 a.m. with a delivery of shrimp, crab, and oysters to the studio.

Then, in 2020, Schauble not only received the “most extravagant, beautiful cake” he’s ever seen on his birthday, but his family also joined him on the air to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Chris Schauble celebrated his 50th birthday in 2020 on Live Television with his family and friends [Soure: Facebook/KTLA Morning News]

All of his family members praised him for his unconditional love for them. Furthermore, Broad Street Oyster Co. also surprised him with an epic seafood tower. 

Schauble’s Quest to Find His Biological Father and Mother

The news anchor was adopted at an early age. He didn’t wish to look for his birth family for most of his life because he was raised by loving adoptive parents.

But the older he got, the more he realized he cared. So, his journey started to find his biological father and mother.

With the help of a KTLA crew in October 2014, he started on square one, his birthplace and place of adoption in Florida.

Then, he registered with the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry, which matches adoptees with birth families who are looking for them. After failing to identify a match on the FARR, Schauble asked a Florida judge to release the birth certificate from his closed adoption.

The judge granted his request, and when Schauble received the name and phone number of his birth mother, the narrative of his birth began to emerge.

Chris Schauble with his biological mother [Source: Schauble’s Twitter]

It took him an hour to summon the nerve to phone Virginia Robinson, his mom, but when he did, he discovered that she had wished to hear his voice before she died. He discovered that his mother was an Italian-American and his father was an African-American.

It came after Schauble’s six-month quest to meet his biological mother, Virginia, and the family of his late birth father, John Charles “J.C.” Robinson.

The news anchor celebrates Mother’s Day twice, once for his adopted mother and once for his biological mother, whom he met for the first time in April 2014. Later, after two years, his biological mom died due to cancer.

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Loves His Family to the Fullest

The news anchor loves to spend time with his family. He has welcomed two pairs of twin girls with his wife, Katrina.

Their youngest twins’ names are Kelsey and Kendall, who were born in 2004, while their older twin sets are Sydney and Shelbi, born in November 2001. The pair’s older twins have graduated college: one from San Diego State University and one from UCLA.

Chris Schauble welcomed four daughters with his wife. [Source: Schauble’s Instagram]

Their oldest twins have also been invited to the White House to sing the national anthem during the Easter Egg Roll.

He stated that nothing in this world has ever meant more to him than his daughter’s happiness and success since their birth.

Schauble stated that fatherhood is the best job ever. The anchor constantly shares their picture on his social media handle.

All in all, Schauble is now living his best life with his children and wife.