Jenn Pellegrino Attended Her Friend’s Wedding, When Is Her Turn?

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Jenn Pellegrino

Not too long ago, Jenn Pellegrino was seen enjoying one of her friend’s wedding party. While there has been curiosity surrounding Pellegrino’s husband/boyfriend, she is pretty busy in her career.

Or, at times, even attending a pal’s marriage ceremony.

Best Wedding Ever, She Has Exclaimed

Pellegrino shared a memorable post from the auspicious occasion in the last week of October.

The captions clearly showed her excitement. She said it was the best wedding ever, hands down, and called the newlyweds the sweetest couple.

The newscaster shared some pictures and short videos from the ceremony, where they had great fun.

Pellegrino congratulated the married couple, Haley Firetti and her husband Matt. “Such a blast celebrating you two and catching up with all our old coworkers! Jobs come and go, but this crew is bonded forever!” she wrote.

Jenn Pellegrino enjoyed her friend’s wedding a lot in October. [Photo Source: Instagram]

The bride commented on her post, thanking the News personality for celebrating with them. Pellegrino later responded that she loved her and was honored to be present with her.

She had a great time at the wedding ceremony. Her followers agreed with her, describing the wedding as “amazing.”

One user even asked Pellegrino if she needed a plus one, hinting he was there.

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Has Pellegrino Got Any Wedding Plans?

Jenn Pellegrino still hasn’t shared her wedding plans. Furthermore, she also hasn’t disclosed whether she is dating anyone.

However, there are reports from several sites that the newscaster had been in a relationship with a frequent marathoner, Chuck Engle.

In 2015, Engle and Pellegrino drove all the way from Virginia to compete in Woodland’s Blooms to Brews. It is clear that she loves participating in marathons and has been doing so for quite some time now.

Back then, the couple traveled across the country to various running competitions, pursuing their love for running.

Jenn Pellegrino was previously reported to be in a relationship with Chuck Engle [ Photo Source: Pellegrino’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she has also participated in other marathons with her reported boyfriend.

Engle is an Ohio native who was also called a “marathon junkie.” Till 2015, he had completed approximately 390 marathons. He won the race with little to no training in 2015.

In addition, he has won a marathon race in all 50 states of the United States, and his marathon time averaged around 2 hours and 47 minutes.

It is pretty tricky to tell if the couple is still together. Her relationship status is still a mystery.

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Has A Coverage Partner in Crime

Even though she hasn’t revealed her romantic partner, she does have a coverage partner. In October 2022, she tweeted that she couldn’t wait to see her rally-covering partner, Rob Finnerty.

She was having too much fun anchoring with her fantastic partner, whom she met for the first time after he had joined Newsmax for a year.

As for her coverage partner, Finnerty is already married and has welcomed two children with his lovely wife. He is the NewsChannel’s Wake Up America host.

Jenn Pellegrino enjoyed anchoring with her coverage partner, Rob Finnerty [Source: Pellegrino’s Instagram]

All in all, Pellegrino enjoys her time with her friends.

She also has a Golden Retriever dog named Sanibel. Sadly, her recused cat, Beanie, passed away in 2020. Pellegrino also does not forget to wish her pets on National Pets Day.

In the end, the newscaster prefers to keep her love life private. She may have taken this decision out of concern for her privacy.

Overall, she is thriving and well-known for her work as a political analyst and journalist and has an excellent reputation in her field.