Worshipper Jenny Weaver: Parents, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth

Last Updated : November 19, 2023

Revivalist and Author Jenny Weaver [Photo: Instagram/jennyweaverworships]

Jenny Weaver is a true worshipper and lover of god, famous for her weekly Singing the Scriptures live session on her Facebook page. She has also published and authored a book entitled The Sound of Freedom.

Weaver was born on the actual birthday of Martin Luther King, January 15th. Likewise, she thanked God for life and all he did to make her existence possible.

Together With Her Husband for More Than a Decade

Jenny Weaver shares a lovely marital life with her husband, Stephen Weaver. They have shared over ten years and walked down the aisle in December 2006, committing to stay together.

Weaver once shared a social post showing a vent house where she met her spouse. Furthermore, the beautiful lady shares her love journey with him through social media.

Both aren’t shy about showing love to each other and uploading pictures. Also, her loving partner is devoted to standing with her till the end and compliments her as the best wife in the world.

Jenny-Weaver with her loving husband. [Photo: Stephen Weaver’s Instagram]

The love duo thanked god for making a match with one another and allowing them to meet. Likewise, she thanks him for pushing her to be what she is supposed to be.

In addition, Weaver and her better half likely share similar interests. Both truly believe in god and gratify the lord Jesus for his protection.

The worshipper once shared an Instagram post sharing her beau’s testimony. In that post, Stephen described how he almost died but escaped the death due to the lord’s protection and his wife.

Moreover, Weaver recently celebrated her partner’s birthday and shared it with her fans through her social account. The will-wishers showered him with blessings in the comments.

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Homeschooled Her Daughter Since Preschool

Jenny Weaver is the mother of her beautiful daughter, Cameron Weaver. She believes that god gave her the most beautiful child she has ever laid eyes on.

Furthermore, Cameron was already in a learning phase before entering the school. She has homeschooled her daughter since preschool and represents herself as a homeschooling mother.

Weaver once stated that becoming a mother saved her life. She believes becoming a mom has its ups and downs but eventually feels the greatest honor to be entrusted to care for and raise another little human.

Jenny Weaver with her daughter Cameron. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, Cameron is an amicable singer with great vocals and has sung alongside her mother several times. Weaver has also released a song Key to My Father’s Heart featuring Cameron.

Weaver and Stephen also share another daughter named Darian. He posts about them occasionally on his Instagram account.

One of Her Parents Had a Stroke

Weaver’s mother suffered a stroke in June 2022. Due to that stroke, her mother’s brain started hemorrhaging, and was in the critical condition of almost dying.

Jenny Weaver’s mother was in ICU and coma for over two weeks and then came off the Ventilator and feeding tube. Nevertheless, she has been recovering well and is out of danger for now.

Weaver wishes her mom during Mother’s Day and is a loving daughter. Similarly, she loves her family equally, including seven siblings and her stepmother, Christina Page.

Jenny Weaver with her mother. [Photo: Jenny Weaver’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the worshipper also has an attachment to her spiritual father and mother. She describes them as a true leader in the body of Christ and has the most incredible hearts.

Speaking of Weaver’s father, she wasn’t close to him as he abandoned the family, and she hadn’t seen him for 17 years. However, she forgave him and explained the lord blessed them with time together.

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Net Worth from Her Multiple Ventures

Jenny Weaver must have made an admirable net worth, but exact figures remain unknown. She earns money through her entrepreneurial and digital career.

Weaver runs a Core Group and Core Men mentorship program. She also runs a clothing brand, especially selling T-shirts, which start from the price range of $20.

Similarly, Weaver earns money through her official YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, she makes $56  to $904 monthly and $678 to $10.8K yearly through the YouTube ad program.

Thus, she must have earned well. All in all, she seems to be living a content life with her family.