5 Facts About Clint Harp Alongside His Net Worth, Wife & Children

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Fixer Upper’s Clint Harp [Photo: Instagram/clintharpofficial]

Clint Harp gained prominence after appearing on the TV show Fixer Upper. Even though he no longer appears on the show, he is still busy and thriving.

He has been handling his three businesses. Furthermore, Harp founded HDC in 2011, building beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture.

Is Reportedly a Multi-Millionaire

The TV personality has earned a sizable fortune from his work as a carpenter. He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

His path to stardom occurred in an unusual manner. Clint Harp was broke and struggling to advance his carpentry career, but that all changed when he met Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Harp had also resigned from his six-figure medical sales career in Houston five years ago to follow his love of woodworking full-time.

Clint Harp has accumulated a staggering amount of net worth through his career as a carpenter [Source: Harp’s Instagram]

But things were not going as planned until the TV personality presented himself and offered his work to Chip Gaines at a Waco, Texas, gas station, which completely changed his life.

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He and His Wife Were Baylor University’s Students

Cing Harp exchanged vows with his wife, Kelly, in 2001. The two initially met when they were students at Baylor University in the 90s.

The two bumped into each other a few times before formally meeting in a mutual friend’s dorm room. It didn’t take them long to fall in love and confess their emotions for one another.

They eventually started dating soon after their first encounter, and Clint swiftly confessed his feelings for Kelly.

Clint Harp and his wife Kelly tied the knot in 2001 [Source: Harp’s Instagram]

Then, the pair tied the knot and welcomed three beautiful children. Harp and Kelly have always stood up for each other in difficult times.

Both of them are now enjoying a successful life with their children. He and his wife also have been featured in Fixer-Upper and the Magnolia Network.

Kelly is a Baylor University graduate pursuing a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. She is a co-owner and designer at Harp Design Co., a Waco-based firm.

Started Harp Design Co. With His Wife

Clint Harp and his wife Kelly are the co-owners of Harp Design Co, a furniture and home goods company based in Waco, Texas.

His love for making furniture was always there, and his grandfather was the one who encouraged him to pursue his dream. Clint showed his grandpa a piece he made, and the latter gave him money to add more required equipment.

The journey was not easy, but he never gave up. He left his high-paying job in 2011 and moved to a small apartment in Waco to focus on the family woodworking business. There, they founded Harp Design Co.

There is no greater satisfaction for them than making a customer’s house feel more like home by providing handcrafted, high-quality home decor, kitchen decor, and furnishings.

Nevertheless, the pair has decided to close the company door. He announced the news on the official website, saying they were no longer taking orders.

Their small business grew faster than they could have imagined, and they now have to close it due to their hectic schedule.

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Is A Family Man: Has Three Children

The TV personality is a proud dad of three children, Hudson, Holland, and Camille. He and his wife are content with their kids living their dream life in Texas.

Hudson Harp is their only son. The father and son duo enjoys spending time together, whether throwing a football or playing in the snow. His son also assisted him with one of his large tasks, mulching an outside space, in June 2019.

He constantly shares his picture with his son and two daughters. Holland Harp is the eldest daughter, and Camille Harp is his youngest.

Clint Harp has welcomed three children with his wife [Source: Harp’s Instagram]

Holland, Hudson, and Camille’s favorite activities with their dad include reading, riding bikes, and accompanying him on work trips worldwide.

The family has traveled to Paris and London. He is enjoying his life while raising his kids well.

An Encounter With Chip Gaines Changed Harp’s Life

The TV personality’s encounter with Chip Gaines has changed his whole life. But his wife is also the main reason for their meeting.

Things didn’t go as planned after he quit his job to focus on the furniture-making business. There were no solid leads, no business was coming in, and the situation was that he had no money left, which made him think of abandoning it all.

So, one day in 2012, he talked to his wife, Kelly, about finding a job. Then, she said something unexpected. She recommended taking their two eldest children, Hudson and Holland, to the park for a stress-free day.

For 45 minutes, they tried to see the world beyond their empty bank account by playing and laughing. But reality hit them as they drove home when the “empty” gas light flickered on.

So, when they stopped at a gas station, he noticed a black truck that had just pulled up at the pump across from his had a logo that said “Magnolia Homes.”

He had previously called Chip Gaines after hearing of the latter’s successful company, Magnolia Homes, but never heard back.

He decided to take his chance. So, he went to the guy pumping gas and said he was a woodworker, and a few months back, he had left a message for a guy named Chip.

He stated, “I don’t even know if he’s still over there at Magnolia, but I’d love to talk to you guys about doing some work.”

It turns out the driver he introduced himself to was Chip Gaines. He pitched his work to Gaines, who invited him to cover over for dinner later that week.

Harp’s interaction with Chip prompted him to join the popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper. He became an essential part of the Fixer Upper team from the pilot episode thanks to a chance encounter with him.