Crista Luedtke’s Work Dedication Ended Her Marriage With Wife

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Chef Crista Luedtke [Photo: Instagram/chefcristaluedtke]

Crista Luedtke’s passion and dedication to her work were above her romantic life. She sacrificed her wife to invest her time at work fully.

Her hotel, restaurant, and business were doing great as she invested all her time while forsaking her love life.

Luedtke and Her Former Wife Opened a Resort

Luedtke and her former partner, Jill McCall, weren’t just lovers; they had invested their time and money together to buy a refurbished resort named after their dog, boon. The ex-couple also threw a party for their friends and celebrated that moment of bliss.

Their brand boon was booming and getting popular among the people because they provided a classy and harmonious experience among the redwoods. Her ex-wife, McCall, addressed that they both wanted the straight and gay community to love their resort.

They adjusted and made tweaks to their resorts together. The ex-partner added solar panels to heat the water in their pool and made the water saline to avoid chemicals. They also worked to add simple and stylish redwood counters and tables to the rooms.

Luedtke and her ex-wife had sold their house to open up the resort. [Photo: Luedtke’s Instagram]

Furthermore, they also made some rooms dog-proof and added wafer-thin televisions with cork floors. Their hotel ranged from $155 to $255 per night, depending on the guest’s preferred room.

At that time, Luedtke was a mortgage broker, and her partner was a therapist who had sold their home to purchase the resort during the Great Recession of 2008. They had used 300K from their funds and an additional $100K from the credit card debt that they had preserved.

Furthermore, Luedtke also had another investment partner, Scott Dunckley, who helped open the resort.

The ex-partners were also focused on marketing for wine enthusiasts and looking for ways to provide affordable luxury. Overall, they were both ambitious, but McCall couldn’t continue with her workaholic attitude.

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Their Marriage Dissolved After Two Years From Divorce Filing

Luedtke’s business was thriving, and her hard work during the recession paid off, but her relationship was falling apart. She said that she was having an affair with her business and placed her career above her ex-partner. McCall wasn’t interested in her hustling nature, and they divorced.

Luedtke is now the sole owner of the Boon Hotel+spa and restaurant. [Photo: Luedtke’s Instagram]

Her family has a history of bad relationships, as her father was also in the restaurant business and divorced her mother because of his work. Her brother, a chef, also got divorced from his partner. Similarly, she filed for divorce on November 19, 2010, from San Francisco County, CA.

They fought for two years under Petition For Dissolution Without Children – Domestic Partnership. Luedtke and her attorney Crista brought the case against her ex-partner McCall, a defendant, along with her attorney Jill K. After two years, their marriage was dissolved on November 01, 2012.

The workaholic nature was in her blood, and she had received warnings from her family before opening the restaurant, but she was a visionary and decided to go with her choices.

Currently, she is the sole owner and bought out her investors, McCall and Dunckley. Plus, she is still friends with her ex-partner.

Nevertheless, she transformed a California Wine Country Town with her efforts and determination, but at a valuable cost of her love life.

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Is anyone in the Picture Now?

After the divorce, the entrepreneur has kept her romantic life away from the limelight. However, she has uploaded some posts and is unsure if they are her significant partner. She was super thankful for the individual as she could set the iPhone timer correctly.

Further, she joked that they only took that picture ten times. Users in the comment section said those two were wonderful; some wrote they were cuties.

She hasn’t officially introduced her new partner yet and has shared little to nothing about her current love life. All in all, she is enjoying her comfortable life as a successful entrepreneur and has led a private, romantic life.