Denise Salcedo’s Husband Didn’t Plan Their Wedding

Last Updated : October 29, 2023

TV Host Denise Salcedo [Photo: Instagram/_denisesalcedo]

Denise Salcedo had a wonderful wedding with her husband, and she did all the planning for that day. She had tweeted that her then-fiance said that she was doing all the planning, and he felt like a guest who was expected to show up.

Months after her special day, the 33-year-old kept her viewers updated about the situation through her Twitter. She was also shocked about the flower prices when she visited the florist.

Salcedo Had a Grand Wedding With Her Husband

Salcedo had a wonderful wedding with her partner in July 2022; she couldn’t believe that she was getting married on that day. She was so excited that she bombarded her tweet with different emojis.

Eventually, the lovely lady found out that shopping for her dress was super easy. Then, she ended up loving the third dress that she had tried.

Salcedo was so excited about her marriage that she even did the rehearsal. She didn’t know what to do with her face when she walked down the aisle.

Salcedo was asked by her little cousin whether or not any wrestlers were coming. She then replied that John Cena, Alexa Bliss, and Bray Wyatt were sitting at his table.

Finally, her wedding day arrived, and she uploaded a beautiful picture of her. She was well-decorated in a beautiful white dress with a veil on top of her head and carried a bouquet of flowers.

Salcedo had an easy time while shopping for her wedding dress. [Photo: Salcedo’s Twitter]

Her friends also made a TikTok clip with her as they danced and vibed along to the rhythmic tune.

Now, it’s been more than a year since she vowed to share her life with her partner. She couldn’t believe that a year had passed. Salcedo has expressed that her wedding was truly one of the happiest days of her life.

Plus, the 33-year-old reported that her marital life has been wonderful. However, the beautiful lady hasn’t disclosed the name of her better half.

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Had Revealed Her Partner’s Face Previously

Salcedo revealed her man on a tweet way before her nuptials some years ago. She used the lines “I TAKE THIS MAGNETIC FORCE OF A MAN TO BE MY LOVER!!!!!” of Taylor Swift’s superhit song, Lover, to show her beau.

Salcedo with her lovely partner. [Photo: Twitter]

A user commented that she and her spouse looked cute together, but she cleared up the misunderstanding as they hadn’t exchanged vows yet. She penned that he was almost her husband and that she was engaged to him.

Unfortunately, she has not revealed the name of her spouse, nor has she mentioned him in any of her posts. It seems like Salcedo wants to keep her romantic life away from the prying eyes of the public.

Besides that, in a Q&A session, Salcedo also revealed that she dated six or seven guys. Further, she admitted that most of her ex-boyfriends were ugly. Furthermore, she went on her first date when she was 14 years old.

Nevertheless, she is currently enjoying her blissful life with her mysterious man of dreams.

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Salcedo Has Mentioned Her Other Half In Her Tweets At Times

The pair share quality and funny moments together.

Once, her spouse took a picture of her sleeping in the hotel lobby after her job. She had made a post of it on her Twitter. Likewise, she has tweeted many things about her beau.

Her spouse is a sweet guy, as he has hung a picture of her trading card on the board of his office. Moreover, Salcedo also got a surprise Easter basket from her spouse as he knew she wasn’t feeling well.

All in all, Salcedo and her partner make a great couple together and are living in their dreamy world.