More About Diane Pathieu’s Husband Who Overcame Cancer

Last Updated : December 1, 2023

Diane Pathieu's husband, Nick Adamski

Diane Pathieu’s husband, Nick Adamski, had brain cancer. He was given an expiration date after the cancer returned, although reforming emergency surgery followed by over 40 days of chemotherapy and radiation.

However, despite the dates, Pathieu’s spouse never lost his positive mental attitude. His tumor later began to shrink from the cutting-edge treatment at Northwestern Medicine and, of course, from his positive mindset.

Promotes Positive Mental Attitude Through His Instagram Posts

Nick Adamski moves around with a positive mental attitude, which is also reflected in his social media. He often posts motivational quotes on his Instagram and tries to inspire netizens watching him.

Furthermore, Adamski is a fan of the professional wrestler CM Punk. In addition to being a fan of wrestling, he is a music lover and often mentions various music bands on his social handle, such as Chimaria.

Nick Adamski is a fan of CM Punk. [Photo: Nick Admaski’s Instagram]

Pathieu’s spouse also reminisces about his old firefighting days occasionally. Likewise, he once uploaded a post mentioning his cub year from the firefighting time.

He also has an older brother named Anthony James Adamski and is pretty close with his family.

Overall, Adamski keeps a positive mental attitude flowing in his life and encourages people to have some.

Her Husband’s Brain Cancer Journey Is Inspiring

Nick Adamski has been in a long fight with Brain Cancer, and it has been almost three years since he was first diagnosed with it. He continues to defy the odds, displaying unwavering strength in his battle against it.

Furthermore, he suffered a cancer attack on March 16, 2023, which Pathieu updated on her Instagram. It took her back to December 2020, when he was first diagnosed with it.

Nonetheless, everything is under normal condition after the treatment on March 17. Her spouse is doing well and also notified people to consider them on the battlefield next to them whenever this cancer stuff takes over.

Diane Pathieu’s husband survived brain cancer. [Photo: Diane Pathieu’s Instagram]

In addition, Pathieu has shared Adamski’s story to raise awareness about this complex cancer. She runs this awareness program to help others facing a similar diagnosis.

Adamski was one of the speakers at the annual Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute Minds Matter event in May 2023. It is conducted in May as it is the Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

This event supports Northwestern Medicine in researching and developing treatments for patients affected by brain and spinal tumors. Overall, Adamski has become an inspiring personality for those who have cancer.

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A Decade Of Togetherness

Diane Pathieu and her better half enjoy a prosperous, loving marital life. Adamski thanks his wife for her love and sacrifice for over a decade & claims he would not be here if not for her.

Returning to their dating days, the love birds used to go to schools and teach kids about fire safety and being news reporters simultaneously. Likewise, they felt grateful for having that opportunity.

Furthermore, Pathieu’s husband claims himself the luckiest man in the world by having her in his life. He doesn’t miss featuring her on his social handle and once posted celebrating their anniversary.

Diane Pathieu with her loving husband. [Photo: Nick Adamski’s Instagram]

On the other hand, the reporter also never backs down in showcasing love toward him. She noted Adamski is the love of her life while celebrating National Spouse Day.

Moreover, the romantic duo often spends quality time together on their date nights. They continue to share more years and support each other, cherishing their marital journey without hindrance.

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Both Raises Fund for Brain Cancer Research

Diane Pathieu and Nick Adamski have also helped raise funds for brain cancer, including their awareness programs. They are actively raising funds in association with the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).

Similarly, they were in the Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K(BT5K) of the American Brain Tumor Association to raise funds in April 2023. The duo were also involved in raising millions of funds for the research.

Furthermore, Pathieu often posts about these fundraising programs on her social media account. She is also one of the members who has helped ABTA raise $50 million in these five years.

The romantic couple also runs a podcast program where they discuss glioblastoma, a brain cancer that her husband suffered. They discuss research and how their lives changed forever in the podcast session.

In conclusion, Pathieu and her beau have led a successful marriage journey, supporting each other. They may continue to share more years and inspire people through their journey.