Drew Afualo & Her Boyfriend Have Planned Most Of Their Wedding

Last Updated : December 2, 2023

Drew Afualo and her boyfriend, Pili Tanuvasa

Drew Afualo and her boyfriend, Pili Tanuvasa, have shared their romantic relationship for six years. Also, she possibly likes to keep things under wrap regarding her love life.

Even though she has not opened up much about taking her relationship to the next level, Afualo once had to say things to silence an online user. Let’s learn the details of it.

Has to Defend Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend at Times

Drew Afulao tweeted that she had already planned the wedding with her boyfriend when they looked at the engagement rings. However, some made negative comments on her post.

Yet, she handled those comments smoothly by saying they were not engaged and she didn’t want to be right now. Afulao added that she had too many things to do first, like take everything terrible men love & make it her.

Drew Afualo tweeted about her beau. [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, Afulao once shared her opinions about a TikTok content creator who said she had manly behavior. The beautiful lady replied that she doesn’t make up with men, attributing independent women to being manly.

The social media personality further cited her partner isn’t insecure when she buys drinks for them.

In addition, Afulao once shared that she wanted a beau for Christmas and asked Santa for it. However, it turns out that she has one now and shares a loving relationship with him.

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Has a Supportive Boyfriend

Pili Tanuvasa is a sportsperson as per his Instagram bio. In addition, he is a content creator who uploads content on workout regimes and fitness on his social media account.

Tanuvasa loves his girlfriend passionately, which can be witnessed through his social posts, too. He is a proud partner and once congratulated her when she had her own billboard.

Furthermore, Tanuvasa loves Afulao more than life and finds it unreal. Similarly, they travel around different places, spend beautiful time together & do fun activities like cosplaying superheroes such as Hulk.

Drew Afulao and her partner cosplayed Hulk. [Photo: Pili Tanuvasa’s Instagram]

Afulao’s partner doesn’t miss celebrating his love milestone with her. He once noted that the busier life gets, the more he cherishes lovely days where it’s just them & also, she is his favorite person.

On the other hand, Afulao also provides equal and passionate love towards him. The Internet star once expressed that she would choose him in any lifetime & sees him as the absolute love of her life.

Overall, their love has only grown stronger with more time spent together. Both have only words filled with appreciation for each other and share it with fans on their social handles.

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Tanuvasa Also Seems To Be Close With His Girlfriend’s Family

Drew Afulao is the lovely daughter of her parents, Tait and Noelle Afualo. Her parents are successful people who own a financial company and have shared their marital life for over two decades.

Speaking of her family, they belong to the Samoan ethnicity, and Afulao grew up with them in South California. Furthermore, she is not an only child instead, she spent her early life with her two siblings.

Pili Tanuvasa with Drew Afulao’s brother. [Photo: Drew Afulao’s Twitter]

Afulao’s partner is already close with her family members. He once picked up her brother from school since her family was busy, and not only did Tanuvasa pick him up, but he spent a lovely time with her brother.

The love birds continue to forward in their romantic journey without any hindrances. Hopefully, they will thrive on sharing more years, loving each other, and continuing to cherish beautiful moments.