Esther Povitsky Is Pregnant. Is Her Fiancé the Baby’s Father?

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Actress and Comedian Esther Povitsky [Photo: Instagram/esthermonster]

American actress and comedian Esther Povitsky announced her pregnancy through an Instagram post in November 2023. She shared her picture flaunting a cute baby bump.

She stated in the caption that the rumors that she started were true. Then, in the comments section, people started asking questions about the baby’s dad.

Questions Surrounding the Baby Daddy

She officially confirmed that she is pregnant in November. In a podcast with Yannis Pappas, she revealed that she accidentally got pregnant in April, but people thought she was joking.

Well, after she flaunted her baby bump on Instagram, the rumors that she started indeed became true. Following the post, many people couldn’t hold back sending wishes to her.

The announcement was greeted with an outpouring of love and congratulations from fans, fellow celebrities, and members of the entertainment business.

Esther Povitsky confirmed her pregnancy on November 20, 2023, putting an official stop to the circulating speculations of a baby bump [Source: Instagram]

As she continues to share her journey, fans are eager to see more of this chapter. Apart from that, many were also perplexed thinking about the baby’s father.

They asked, “Who’s the dad?” to Povitsky. Folks guessed different names of her child’s father, like Rick Glassman and others. However, no one knows who the baby’s father is.

It’s also possible that the baby daddy might be her fiance, Dave King. But, since neither of them has spoken little to nothing regarding the matter, the topic of who the child’s father is remains a mystery.

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Any Plans for a Wedding?

It’s been quite some time since she got engaged to her boyfriend, Dave King. She could be seen wearing her engagement ring in the podcast mentioned above.

She stated that the diamond ring was his grandma’s ring, who had already passed away. Nevertheless, King appears to have already had a bachelor party.

The comedian asserted in a conversation with Rick Glassman that she showed up at the party where she was uninvited.

However, Povitsky hasn’t shared any information regarding her wedding. In an interview with Elle, she recounts strong-arming King proposing; she confesses that weddings are not for her.

Esther Povitsky and her boyfriend, David King, have been together for several years, and it’s quite some time now the pair have been engaged [Source: King’s Instagram]

She met her fiancé, comedy writer Dave King, through the stand-up community. Povitsky also posted videos in which he mocks her shaky grasp of sarcasm and inability to name renowned films.

In addition, King also frequently posted pictures of her on his Instagram account. He began posting her photos in 2013.

They’ve been together for several years. Nonetheless, she had dated two guys before committing to him.

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Povitsky’s Boyfriend-Turned Fiance Is a Talented Writer

Dave King was born on June 6, 1978. He is a well-known television writer and producer known for Last Call with Carson Daly, Frank TV, Workaholics, The League, and Parks and Recreation.

Furthermore, he is also an English teacher. He hosts the podcast The Great Debates, along with the American writer Steve Hely.

Dave King and Steve Hely discuss the major topics of the day with little to no planning or consideration. As per his Twitter bio, he currently lives in Boston.

David King is a well-known Television writer and producer [Source: King’s Instagram]

In his writing career, he has achieved success. He likes taking trips and has taken numerous trips to various nations for vacations with his partner, Esther Povitsky. King updates his Instagram stories frequently with photos from his travels.