General Sam’s Banters Surrounding His Wife And Children

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

American YouTuber General Sam [Photo: Instagram/generalsam123]

General Sam shares a blissful marital journey with his wife. He is also a responsible and loving father of his two daughters, successfully raising them with his love life.

He always features his kids and better half on his social handle with an added twist of humorous captions.

Has Got Plenty Of Jokes About His Wife

General Sam never fails to joke about his wife, Abby, passing it down to fans on his social media. He previously called her scab while uploading an Instagram post reminiscing about them ten years ago.

Furthermore, General Sam has also joked about her hair once. He jokingly described his spouse’s hair as a rat tail.

The bucket of his jokes doesn’t end here, as Sam has also joked about her cooking. He tweeted that his partner’s cooking tasted better than ever since he got COVID.

It may feel surprising, but the curiosity is there if he hates Abby, as he only jokes about her often. So, people took to Reddit to discuss whether he might despise her.

One of the users suggested that the YouTuber pretends to hate his partner to obscure his home life. They guess it is a scheme to keep her safe from subscribers bugging him about her.

People also speculated that he isn’t happy with his marital life and the other half due to his doings. Yet, he indeed loves his spouse, and his first Instagram post is him kissing his spouse.

Sam Banters with his wife. [Photo: General Sam’s Instagram]

In conclusion, Banters certainly jokes about her, but it hasn’t hindered their marital life. They possibly strive to lead their delightful life and capture beautiful moments.

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Tidbits About Sam and Abby’s Relationship

The handsome hunk has jokingly mentioned meeting her in Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert. Other than that, the actual information of their first meeting and other details remains a mystery.

In addition, the loving duo enjoys or celebrates their wedding anniversary in the midweek of November. They once went to Asheville to celebrate their anniversary, cherishing their milestone.

Speaking of their relationship, the YouTuber was the one who proposed to Abby in Dahlonega, GA. Likewise, he usually features her on his social media account, whether he is joking or updating about his love life.

On the other hand, the internet personality is not the only one who is funny. His spouse is also funny, doing witty activities, and once attempted to make a Freddy Kreuger weapon out of tin foil.

Sam Banters’ wife created a Freddy Kreuger weapon. [Photo: General Sam’s Instagram]

Similarly, Abby implied that he was gay for not going hunting and fishing. Also, she once got mad at him for sipping vodka, but he wasn’t seriously drunk, which created a funny incident for him.

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His Children, Too, Are Not Safe From His Witty Remarks

The YouTuber welcomed his eldest daughter in July 2018. Furthermore, he makes humorous comments while being around his kids and involving them in it.

He once shared one incident involving Abby and his daughter, Madeline. His spouse was playing with his baby girl and later choked back tears, commenting she resembled her father.

Furthermore, he possibly welcomed his second daughter in January 2021. He calls himself an heir and his younger daughter a spare.

Sam Banters with his daughter. [Photo: General Sam’s Instagram]

The YouTuber’s second daughter glimpses can be caught on his social media handle. He once shared a post with his daughter and captioned it, “We make Abby sleep in the dog bed.”

He once joked that he bought a vacation home for his daughter through podcast revenue. Despite his busy schedule, he spares time with his kids to spend quality time.