Gordon Ryan’s Girlfriend Instantly Said Yes To His Work Proposal

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

Martial Artist Gordon Ryan and his girlfriend Nathalia Santoro [Photo: Instagram/notheysonny]

Gordon Ryan leads a sweet, romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Nathalia Santoro. Besides being a lover, she has also worked with him for seven years now.

Ryan thanks his partner for helping him in his martial arts journey and supporting him in achieving various accomplishments. They continue to grow their bond stronger and adore their journey.

Ryan and His Girlfriend Have Been Working Together for 7 Years Now

As noted earlier, Gordan Ryan and his partner Nathalia Santoro have been working with each other for quite a long time. They have worked for seven years and have stapled 75 gold medals together.

Gordon Ryan with his loving girlfriend. [Photo: Nathalia Santoro’s Instagram]

Ryan was the one who approached Santoro if she was willing to work with him and suffer for the next ten years. He had the only motive to build their dream life if she was ready to join his journey.

Nevertheless, Santoro had no second thoughts and agreed immediately to his decisions. She and Ryan continue to move together as a team no matter what difficulties they will face in the future.

Both move forward with the goal of not only winning the matches & destroying anyone who thinks they can stand a chance. But, they aim to leave a legacy that will likely inspire the upcoming generation.

Furthermore, Santoro loves watching him perform jujitsu, which is likely why she gave him an immediate yes to work with him. They continue to climb glory with each other’s support.

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Have Got Nothing but Good Words for One Another

The love birds have no hindrance in their relationship and have only compliments for each other. His girlfriend regards him as her best friend and claims Ryan will do anything to make her smile.

Furthermore, Ryan has gifted her the Porsche Macan, a luxury car she has always wanted. Santoro also commits to doing anything to accommodate his needs.

It might surprise many, but they previously called each other siblings jokingly. Ryan used to call her sister and stated that his parents adopted her back in 2017, as shared on his Instagram.

The martial artist admires Santoro for always putting him first and not asking for any credit for helping him to get success. He also finds himself lucky to have someone like her in his personal life.

Furthermore, Santoro’s favorite thing is working with her best friend, Ryan. She lists working with him as her favorite thing to do in life, and their fun during this process is unmatched.

Moreover, Ryan never backs down when someone bad-mouths his girlfriend and gives an immediate reaction. He once replied to one of the users who commented, “Your girl is a m@n.”

Gordan Ryan’s Instagram post. [Photo: Instagram]

Ryan replied to the user and penned, “@kdhughes12 you’ve been commenting a lot lately. Probably explains why my breakfast isn’t ready.”

In conclusion, they have each other’s back whenever one has a difficult time. The love birds lead forward without conflicts, enjoying their love journey and successful work-life together.

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More About Ryan’s Partner

Nathalia Santoro represents herself as a Brazilian fitness model, bodybuilder, and BJJ competitor. She is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but is now based in Austin, Texas.

Santoro has a sister, Maysa Santoro, who is a biologist, environmentalist, diver, and influencer. She also serves as the ambassador for GoPro, WWF, and the international NGO Only One.

Nathalia Santoro with her sister, Maysa Santoro. [Photo: Nathalia Santoro’s Instagram]

The fitness model is also a friend of the famous Hollywood actor Jason Momoa. She occasionally features him on her social media account and posts on their fun meetups.

Santoro is an active personality on social media. However, her Instagram account was previously deleted, and she notified her fans about it after the account was recovered.