Greg Doucette And His Girlfriend Of Ten Years Have Broken Up

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

Greg Doucette And His Girlfriend
Greg Doucette And His Girlfriend [ Credit: ]

Greg Doucette shared a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Allyson Smith. He was with her for ten years, but unfortunately, they broke up.

It is saddening for their fans that the once lovey-dovey couple hit a bump. Here is everything to explore about their love journey before the breakup.

Addressed His Break up With Ally in a YouTube Video

In one of the YouTube videos, Greg Doucette addressed his split with Allyson Smith. He stated they grew apart and are no longer together after spending ten years together.

Doucette also stated he wasn’t going to say anything bad about her. He also claimed not to share any of the details regarding the reason and left it blank, keeping it private under the wrap.

The bodybuilder expressed that being friends forever was not necessarily required if they were close at one point. On the other side, Smith has placed her Instagram in private mode & nothing has been heard from her side.

Many took to Reddit to discuss the breakup between Doucette and Smith. One of the users penned, “Deleted all posts with him and an odd caption on her most recent post.”

Greg Doucette broke up with his girlfriend. [Photo: Reddit]

However, one of the Reddit users expressed his opinion that the YouTuber was putting more time into YouTube rather than the relationship. He also thought Ally grew tired of Greg’s constant videos.

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The former duo used to feature each other on their social media accounts before the breakup. They were a lovey-dovey couple before the split and passionately loved each other.

Furthermore, Doucette even shared an Instagram post celebrating nine years of togetherness. The post featured a picture collage of their memorable moments spent with each other.

Greg Doucette and his former girlfriend, Allyson Smith. [Photo: Greg Doucette’s Instagram]

Allyson Smith also used to feature him on her YouTube videos. She once did a video with him teaching how to make a holiday protein bar, and both had great chemistry with each other.

In addition, the social media personality once uploaded a Q&A session video with Smith. They discussed several topics asked by his YouTube viewers & both had fun during the entire video.

Doucette still has posts of his ex-girlfriend, although they have broken up. Yet, it is likely not the case with Smith, as she has deleted posts regarding him per Reddit, and her Instagram is kept private.

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Learn More About Doucette’s Ex-girlfriend

As per her Instagram bio, Allyson Smith is a business owner and powerlifter. She is also a YouTuber who creates entertaining content and has over 23K subscribers on her official channel.

Furthermore, Smith got into powerlifting because of her former boyfriend, Doucette. This set her up for weightlifting and going to the gym regularly.

The beautiful lady is also an animal lover but has no specific favorite. She loves all fur babies and used to have pets with Doucette, including the cat while living together.

Before dating the YouTuber, Smith was previously married, but her marital life details remain low-key. In 2020, the powerlifter also made clear that she didn’t want to get married again.

Smith is a fit person but has one ill health condition, which is Crohn’s disease. Despite her health situation, she is optimistic and mentions her as a Crohn’s fighter.

In conclusion, Doucette and Smith shared their relationship for a while and significantly understood each other. Regardless, they have moved on and continue to move forward after their breakup.