Hannah Barron and Her Current Boyfriend Share Similar Interests

Last Updated : December 4, 2023


Hannah Barron is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Paul Wascher. And before that, she had dated other guys.

Barron and her partner share their romantic time and their mutual interests.

Common Interests Between Barron and Her Boyfriend, Wascher

It is always easier to bond with individuals who share mutual interests. Likewise, Barron and her beau enjoy their time as partners while sharing their hobbies and passions. Both of them are fond of hunting and love to fish catfish.

They both enjoy fishing together and often flaunt their big catch on their Instagram. The lovely couple loves to spend time in nature as they prefer outdoor activities.

Both of them love noodling and bow fishing. And Barron has called herself “The Catfish Girl.”

Barron and her boyfriend enjoy noodling and hunting fish. [Photo: Instagram]

Her boyfriend is also interested in archery and has uploaded clips of him practicing. Besides hunting, the couple has also been spotted attending NWFT 23 and Whiskey Myers concerts.

Overall, the lovely duo enjoys their thrilling romantic love life while catching fish and hunting wild animals.

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More About Barron’s Current Love Interest

Barron’s boyfriend is a capable, strong former Air Force Aviator and a professional firefighter. Further, he has trained his body in the gym and is an absolute hunk.

He has also made posts about his professional life. As an Aviator, he had kicked out 60 paratroopers over Normandy in a 17-aircraft formation during the air show.

He graduated from the Tactics School, CA, focused on developing the Army’s future leaders in February 2020. In January 2021, he had already served the USAF for six years and was again re-enlisted for five more years.

However, he retired from the Air Force in 2020 as an F16 Crew Chief. He has also shown immense respect for the thousands of Allied forces who lost their lives on June 6, 1944, during the Normandy landings. He wrote that the men who died that day will be remembered as heroes.

Then, he got into firefighting and served for the Eclectic Fire Department. He also shared a little training action and was combusting the fire on a dummy plane.

Well, hunting has been his hobby since childhood. He has hunted many animals and caught several fish.

Plus, the former aviator was also interested in football during his high school days and had even appeared in the newspaper.

After he came home upon retiring, he went out of town with Barron and shared his first picture with her on Instagram in April 2022. Since then, the lovely couple has enjoyed hunting and fishing together.

Moreover, the firefighter celebrates his birthday in June and is 26 years old as of 2023. And his girlfriend never fails to wish him warmly on his birthday.

Overall, Wascher has had a great career in the USAF and is now doing courageous work as a firefighter.

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Was Barron Previously Engaged?

Barron was in another romantic relationship with her former partner, Hunter Ryan Horton. She was glad to celebrate his 22nd birthday with him in October 2018. Well, the hunter even said that she was glad that it was the third birthday that she got to spend with him.

Barron was in a relationship with her former partner. [Photo: Instagram]

She had also hoped that 22 would treat him well and finally wrote that she loved him. Users in the comment section wrote that they were a nice-looking couple, and another wrote, “Lucky feller! HBD, dude.”

According to a source, the former couple engaged in December 2018. Another source even said they were in a serious relationship and could see the glow in the images she took with him.

They have stated that the former couple looked very good together and were content with one another.

Nevertheless, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time, and the former couple eventually broke up.