Ian Bagg and His Fun Ways of Wishing His Wife On their Anniversaries

Last Updated : November 28, 2023


Ian Bagg has been blissfully married to his wife for over a decade. And he has kept up the spark of their married life with humor.

As a comedian, he has a unique way of wishing his partner.

Humor-Filled Captions on Anniversaries For His Wife

Bagg and his spouse, Kerrie Ann Caison, exchanged their wedding vows in October 2011, and since then, they have been enjoying their time together. Moreover, he affectionately calls his partner Kab.

At their wedding, they welcomed friends and family from around the world to gather at Laguna Beach, and they all connected as quickly and celebrated the wedding together.

The sarcastic anniversary post began in the year 2019. On their eighth anniversary, he said that that fantastic girl, Kerrie, accepted him but denied his last name eight years ago.

Further, she has put up with all his faults while being perfect. And Bagg hoped he never had to stop traveling around the sun with her.

Then, he described their wedding during their tenth anniversary in 2021. He had made a comedic post saying they had met in Laguna Beach to celebrate his meeting with a princess even though he wasn’t a prince.

This trend continued on their eleventh anniversary. He wrote, “Eleven years ago, this beast was granted a wish by this beauty! To the moon and back again, kid.”

He complimented his wife, saying that the only thing that tops her beauty outside is her beauty on the inside. He ended by writing, “I love you, Kab, you filthy beach babe!”

Bagg has shared humorous posts on his Instagram on their anniversary. [Photo: Instagram]

The caring husband has made a post this year, too. Twelve years ago, that hotty and he had a party with their closest friends and family.

He wrote that his partner isn’t only gorgeous, but she is intelligent, funny, filthy, and caring. So, on behalf of the dogs and himself, he thanked her for rescuing them.

Overall, the comedian loves his other half over the moon and is thankful for her.

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More on Bagg’s Partner

Bagg’s wife, Kerrie, celebrates her birthday in January every year. And the comedian has wished her in 2022.

He shared a picture of them where his partner wore a pretty yellow coat. Then he wrote, ” Here she is in a coat even though she would rather be in a bikini.

Kerrie hasn’t appeared much in the limelight and has kept her Instagram private. She is a beach girl and loves to spend her time on the beach. Further, their wedding also took place at a beach.

At times, his partner is also part of his jokes. When he had put peanut butter in the fridge, his spouse had sent him a picture of a note asking if he had put the jar in the refrigerator.

He joked with the audience, saying that only two of them live together in Lester Holt, so if she could figure out who put that jar in there, he narrowed it down for her, saying, “No, I put the peanut butter in the fridge.”

He lost his mind when his partner said, “Peanut Butter is harder to spread when it is in the fridge.” Then he thought she should start lifting some weights if she couldn’t spread that. However, that was only his thought, and he just said, “Okay.”

Nevertheless, Bagg and his partner have shared humorous times, and she is often part of his jokes during the standup comedy.

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Does the Pair Have Any Children?

Even though the lovely duo has been married for over 12 years, they have yet to have children. And Bagg also doesn’t want to have kids yet.

His wife is sometimes part of his jokes during the stand-up comedy sessions. [Photo: Bagg’s Youtube/Channel]

On a podcast, he joked that his spouse is very promiscuous and good at hiding, and he wouldn’t know if she had a child. Then he continued with his humor and said that he was married to her but didn’t trust her.

He has also thought that having kids would be nice, and his other half is an occupational therapist and works with children. So, she has seen everything that could go wrong while having kids.

Further, he tricked his audiences during Christmas 2021 by uploading fake photos and giving them names. Not only that, he and his partner had also taken a picture with someone else’s baby and captioned it sarcastically.

Despite not being parents, they have dogs, and one of them is named Pearl. All in all, the couple could be planning to have a kid(s) in the future, but they are enjoying their married life for now.