Is Ian Fidance Bisexual? It Seems So

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Stand-up Comic Ian Fidance [Photo: Instagram/ianimal69]

It’s been a question on the internet if the internet personality Ian Fidance is actually bisexual because sexuality is something he addresses in his stand-up gigs and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.

Moreover, he has always been outspoken about his sexuality on social media. While he has also admitted sometimes that he is bisexual, other times he has made people confused with a different claim.

Has Admitted to being Bi a Few Times

As mentioned earlier, Ian Fidance often mentions sexuality during his stand-up comedy gigs. He has repeatedly admitted to being a bi while doing stand-up comedy and on the podcast.

In June 2020, while doing stand-up comedy, he said, “Yeah, man, I’m the B(bisexual).” He creates jokes about it to make the audience laugh. He stated bisexual means he’s both into men and women.

The internet personality joked, “And when you look like me, you kind of have to be.”

Ian Fidance openly admitted that he is gay while doing stand-up comedy and on the podcast [Source: Fidance’s Instagram

Moreover, when the comedian Chris Distefano asked him if he was bisexual, he answered, saying, “Yes.”

He also hosts the podcast Bi Guys, which mainly focuses on Bisexual culture, men, Queer media, relationships, masculinity and others. Fidance and his partner Zac Amico present a show focusing on a different side of manhood. Both of them identify as bisexual.

Nonetheless, netizens wonder if he genuinely admits it or is just making jokes about it to make the audience laugh.

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Has He Got a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend?

As previously stated, he is bisexual. As a result, netizens are left wondering whether he has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

He has previously tweeted about having a girlfriend multiple times but has not stated that he has a boyfriend. However, he once joked about mentioning his friend as a boyfriend.

People thought he was lying about being bisexual because he always talked about dating women. For instance, in 2021, he posted a picture of himself jumping and said that his girlfriend made this.

Ian Fidance often shares a humorous joke about his girlfriend [Source: Twitter]

In addition, he has also shared a meme video stating that he walked into the room after winning an argument with his partner.

But the surprising statement was made in June 2019, when he tweeted stating he was not gay.

It has created confusion among the people throughout the years because of his different tweets. Netizens are still in the dark regarding Fidance’s sexuality.

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Is Open About His Support Towards the LGBTQI+

The internet personality has always candidly supported the LGBTQI+ community. He once said he stood with LGBT teens in Florida and was against the Don’t say gay bill.

He has tweeted multiple times and shared news of queer. Furthermore, he often shares memes.

In January 2021, he shared his picture wearing a Superman costume, saying they were here to save the gay. Fidance openly confronts LGBTQ+ problems in his comedy while remaining relevant and amusing.

Ian Fidance has always supported the LGBTQI+ community [Source: Twitter]

He freely addresses his experience as a gay man, using his position as a comedian to share his narrative and promote inclusivity.

The comedian has stated that he loves being a gay boy. Fidance’s sincerity and honesty have struck an emotion with many people, and his distinct viewpoint has enabled him to connect with audiences deeply and personally.

His authenticity has gained him a devoted following and paved the path for discussions about LGBTQ+ concerns.