Has Jack Falahee’s Relationship With Partner M.K. Sadler Ended?

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

Actor Jack Falahee and Photographer M. K. Sadler [Photo: Instagram/jackfalahee/mksadler]

It is known that Jack Falahee has carved a successful acting career, and it goes similarly to his romantic relationship. He has shared a love life with partner Meghan Kay Sadler, aka M.K. Sadler.

However, speculation has arisen if Falahee has broken up with Sadler. The curiosity has grown further as he hasn’t made social media posts with her recently.

Jack Falahee’s Relationship With M.K. Sadler Sparked in June 2022

Falahee’s relationship rumors with Sadler began when he shared an Instagram post while attending an NBA match with her in June 2022. In the post, the beautiful lady could be seen kissing him on the cheek.

Jack Falahee partner
Jack Falahee with M.K. Sadler at an NBA match. [Photo: Jack Falahee’s Instagram]

The actor often used to post pictures with her on his social media account. Their romantic life became more apparent when he once shared a social post and penned, “Chocolate cupcake kisses.”

Sadler also used to share snapshots of their video calls on her official Instagram handle. The loving duo used to enjoy their time, from hiking to spending time on the beach together.

Nonetheless, whether they are still dating is still being determined, as he has stopped sharing pictures with Sadler. His last social post with her on his account was made on January 9, 2023, wishing her a birthday.

Falahee has yet to announce whether they have broken up or not officially. Could it be they may have wanted to take a private approach in their romantic life?

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Who Is Falahee’s Love Interest, M.K. Sadler?

M.K. Sadler is a photographer based in Los Angeles, United States. One can view Sadler’s photography skills on her social account, where she showcases her phenomenal works.

Falahee’s partner also has her official website filled with several genres of photography. Some of Sadler’s work includes self-portraits, travel, interior, and wedding photography.

Sadler completed her graduation from the University of North Texas in 2011, majoring in Design and Visual Communications as well as Communication Design.

M.K. Sadler
M.K. Sadler is a talented photographer. [Photo: M.K. Sadler’s Instagram]

Besides photography, Sadler worked as a graphic designer for Commerce House from 2011 to 2012. She was also a designer at Imaginaria Creative from 2012 to 2013.

Currently, the gorgeous lady is a full-fledged photographer. She works on portraits, travel, editorials, and almost anything of interest, using her design and studio art background to influence her photography. 

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Falahee Was Previously Dating a Model

Jack Falahee was indeed in a romantic relationship with Ellie Satter. Although the specifics of their first date remain vague, he started uploading her pictures on his Instagram in July 2019.

The relationship between Satter and Falahee was vivid and known to the public. He never missed sharing their beautiful moments with her and once captioned an Instagram post, ” Reminiscing on good times with @elliesatter.” with a heart emoji.

Furthermore, the model Satter also shared a close bond with the Mercy Street actor’s dog, Banjo. The furry friend was also comfortable beside her side.

Falahee even made a social post celebrating Valentine’s Day with Satter. He beautifully captioned and wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my valentine [heart emoji] @elliesatter.”

Jack Falahee
Jack Falahee and his former partner Ellie Satter. [Photo: Jack Falahee’s Instagram]

Nonetheless, the once lovey-dovey couple have separated from each other. No sights of Satter are noticed on the Instagram feed of Falahee after February 2021.

Both have yet to dispel the reason why they parted or had their split, and the reason remains unknown to the world as they have remained tight-lipped.

In conclusion, it is still a mystery whether Jack Falahee and his partner, M.K. Sadler, have parted ways. There is no official news of their breakup from both sides.