Jacqueline Alemany and Her Boyfriend Recently Got Engaged

Last Updated : November 28, 2023


Jacqueline Alemany is in a blissful relationship with her boyfriend, and they have decided to take it to another level.

She is now officially engaged to him, and they might be planning to get married in a beautiful ceremony.

Alemany Got Engaged to Her Boyfriend in California

Alemany and his boyfriend Jake Levine recently got engaged in California. She flaunted her gold-colored ring in an Instagram post. Her fiancé uploaded a series of glimpses, and they both looked cozy and great.

Alemany got engaged to her sweet beau. [Photo: Instagram]

The ring on her finger looked gorgeous, and many people in the comment section congratulated them. His sister Cara Levine commented, “#tookyalongenough” which indicated that they had been dating for a long time.

Plus, both of them seem to be exceptionally vibing. Another individual also congratulated them and said to Jake that he appeared over the moon happy. She has lovingly held her fiancé in the picture and shared big smiles.

Overall, they both looked happy and incredibly excited about their coming future and might announce their wedding date soon.

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Loves to Hike With Her Fiancé

Alemany and her fiancé are both active individuals who enjoy hiking. She has affectionately called her partner Larry David.

Further, he had agreed to hike Half Dome with her on a lark. A user has commented that it was quite an accomplishment.

The adventurous couple visited a lake and stayed at Many Glacier Lodge. There, they got a dreamy view of a lake and mountain range after a 60-mile ride to the sun road. The scenery from that place was glassy and perfect.

Moreover, Alemany and Jake are avid dog lovers. The journalist has even made an Instagram account for her pet dog, Bertha Alemany. She wrote on her dog’s Instagram bio, “Just a girl with a beard. Contact Alemany if you find me.”

Alemany and her boyfriend are both pet lovers. [Photo: Instagram]

Additionally, the lovely duo enjoyed their time with dogs and spent Thanksgiving together. Levine was grateful for that moment and said it was this ray of sunshine.

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Jacqueline Alemany’s Boyfriend Is Chief Climate Officer

Alemany’s beau is a Chief Climate Officer at the U.S. International Development Corporation. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Arts from Harvard University. And he has a professional law degree, Juris Doctor, from Harvard Law School.

He began his professional career as the National Advance Staff in Obama for America for over a year. Then, he served in The White House as a Policy Analyst of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change.

Alemany’s partner had also worked in the California State Senate. [Photo: Levine’s Instagram]

Further, Alemany also worked as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. Afterward, he served as a Summer Associate at Latham and Watkins for four months. The experienced guy then worked for the Opower as their Director for Strategy, Office of the President, and chief of Staff.

Furthermore, he was also a California State Senate and served in the upper house of the California State Legislature for eleven months. Levine became a Strategic Advisor at California Climate Action Corps for five months.

Afterward, he was an Attorney and Policy Advisor at Covington & Burling LLP for over four years. He has served as the Chief Climate Officer for over two years. Besides his professional life, he was also seen with Alemany during Evan Hollander’s 30th birthday party.

Nevertheless, the lovely duo enjoy their romantic life while excelling in their professional careers.