Jiaoying Summers Ends Marriage With Divorce From Husband

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Jiaoying Summers

Jiaoying Summers, being a comedian, also addressed her divorce from her husband in a comical way. She tweeted, “The only fan I have lost this year is my husband.”

Also, Summers mentions her significant other in her comedy sessions and discusses why they separated openly, not keeping it private.

Truth Behind Divorce From Her Husband

Jiaoying Summers has always noted why she left her husband in several interviews and comedy stand-ups. The beautiful lady once said in a podcast that she didn’t love him as much as she thought she would.

The actress also humorously cited that her hubby left her because he got to know her by posting a Facebook video. Likewise, she has always dealt with her hubby’s topic, adding a little wit to it.

For instance, the comedian said she left her spouse and reasoned she was severely nearsighted but found flaws in her marriage when the doctor fixed her vision.

Jiaoying Summers joked about her husband. [Photo: Jiaoying Summers’ Instagram]

However, it cannot be portrayed that Summers didn’t suffer hardships, although she jokes about her spouse. She went through a painful divorce, fighting for the custody of two small children whom she shared with him.

In addition, Summers explained why she left her partner during a podcast session with Out & About. She said her spouse didn’t want her to work, and he noted that she should not.

The comedian’s significant other also refused to provide the child support following the divorce process. She overcame all those difficult times and presently leads a successful life as a well-known comedian.

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Adopted Her Husband’s Surname

The celebrity personality changed her last name to Summers, as her ex-life partner’s name was Ming Summer. However, he has likely kept a low-key profile as details on him remain vague.

Moreover, Summers posted a picture of herself with her life partner on her Facebook handle. She penned that he was the bottom of her jokes.

Jiaoying Summers with her then-spouse. [Photo: Jiaoying Summers’ Facebook]

Furthermore, Summers once featured James Tang as her significant other on her TikTok account, which has received over 100K likes. She captioned the post, “The secret of my successful marriage.”

Summers occasionally makes funny couple videos with Tang as a couple on her social media. In addition, the comedian had two husbands, which she disclosed in the Out & About podcast.

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Mother of Two Kids

Jiaoying Summers announced having a daughter to the fans on her Instagram in 2020. Her daughter’s name is Margo, and fans catch glimpses of the little one on Summers’ Instagram.

Summers is a responsible mother who wants to give her daughter all the love and support she never had as a little girl. She also wants her to know that the girls are the strongest.

Furthermore, her elder son’s name is Winston, and he wants to become a comedian like his mother. He even opened up for the first time during her stand-up comedy in The Hollywood Comedy.

Jiaoying-Summers’ son performed the stand-up comedy. [Photo: Jiaoying Summers’ Instagram]

Furthermore, Summers doesn’t even spare her kids when it comes to comedy. She often features her babies, involving them in her comedy videos.

In conclusion, Summers is divorced from her spouse but leads a happy life as a mother of two. She also continues to pursue a successful comedy career.