Jonathan Vilma Has a Beautiful Daughter, But Is He Married?

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

Fox Sports Jonathan Vilma with his daughter Samaara [Photo: Instagram/jonvilma]

Jonathan Vilma welcomed a beautiful daughter with his partner, Britny Bock. He loves spending time with his little ones and sharing their pictures.

He isn’t yet married to the mother of his child, though. However, the duo are apart and are fighting for custody of their child.

Vilma Has the Full Custody of His Daughter

Vilma now has complete custody of his baby girl following the battle for child custody. Bock filed a petition in 2016 in the consent of paternity ruling that determined, among other things, specific timesharing and support concerns about the minor kid.

Later, after two years, Vilma requested adjustments to the child support arrangements that the couple had decided upon in 2016. His partner, Bock, decided to relocate permanently to Maryland around the same time she was living in Florida with her kid.

Once more, Jonathan requested changes to his previous petition in July 2018. He asked for more involvement in their kid’s parenting in addition to a decrease in the amount of child support.

Jonathan Vilma and his partner, Britany Bock, have full custody of his daughter [Source: Vilma’s Instagram]

Things got out of hand once more in 2019 when Samaara went to spend the summer with Vilma. While Britny filed a court appeal to return Samaara to Maryland and make it her permanent residence, the Miami-Dade court denied her request.

The question of where the child should live has been discussed for more than a year, and this matter has been prosecuted in Florida for more than three years.

Thereafter, he has been raising her well. He posted a photo of himself in September 2020 and his child with the caption, “Dad w full custody.” In addition, he added that every day is a daughter’s day, which he was grateful for.

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Has a Lovely Bond With His Daughter Samaara

The American football linebacker shares a great bond with his child, Samaara. As aforementioned, he frequently shared his picture with her on his Instagram account.

He makes time to spend with his baby from his busy schedule. Furthermore, he also brings little princess to his work.

In October 2022, Vilma shared a picture of himself with his baby girl and sister from his work. Then he penned that he couldn’t bring them to work with him since they didn’t know how to act.

Jonathan Vilma shares a lovely bond with his daughter [Source: Vilma’s Instagram]

Even though his little girl is now a grown-up, she will always be his little princess, even if he can no longer call her that.

He also shares humorous posts. He mockingly stated back in 2017 that he understood he would have to keep lifting weights in order to lay the hammer on his kid’s first boyfriend. The father and baby girl duo are living their best life together.

Samaara was born in 2010 and turned thirteen years old this year. As per a WDSU article from 2013, her favorite book is Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus.

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Is Vilma Married?

He disclosed that he was a single father in a 2020 post. However, he hasn’t made any more references to his present romantic life since. Also, regarding his past relationship, it remains a mystery if Vilma and her baby mama ever got married.

It’s unknown whether Vilma appears to have kept his love life and his relationship to himself or hasn’t been married to anyone till now.

He frequently shares his child’s picture of them having a good moment together. Furthermore, he also shared multiple images from his work.

Nevertheless, he hasn’t been posting about his relationship. Vilma left the netizens in the dark about his current dating. Hopefully, he will find his perfect partner with whom he plans to get married and reveal it soon on social media.