The Openly Gay Singer Calum Scott Has Had Partners In The Past

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

English singer and songwriter Calum Scott [Photo: Facebook/calumscottmusic1]

Calum Scott is a singer and songwriter. He rose to prominence in 2015 after appearing on the ITV talent show Britain’s Got Talent.

There, he performed his version of Robyn’s smash, ‘Dancing on My Own,’ which made him immensely popular. Well, even if he’s famous for that song, he has had dancing partners in the past.

Previously Dated a Painter and a Decorator

The gay singer and songwriter previously had a relationship, and he opened up about it in an interview with Attitude.

During the conversation, he was questioned if traveling worldwide interfered with his dating life. Then he replied, saying he had dated a painter and decorator guy who had a problem due to his tour.

Furthermore, he added that his partner was a true gentleman who worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The former couple dated for a short time. He knew he was about to embark on a tour with Emilie Sande and that the album would be released the following year.

Calum Scott previously dated a painter and decorator [Source: Scott’s Instagram]

But he knew he wouldn’t be able to spend time with him, and it got to the point where he had to tell him he was going to be away, and he didn’t take it well.

The singer said that traveling around the world hindered his dating. He wanted to find someone very normal and down-to-earth, and he said that people should date of the same industry.

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Did He and Sam Smith Ever Date?

The British Got Talent star’s dating status was widely speculated about for some time, with rumors of a flirtation with Sam Smith.

In a conversation with the Daily Star, Scott opened up about his relationship with the Oscar winner and hinted they have been more than friends in the past.

He has always admired Snith and revealed his desire to work with the singer. However, the said publication divulged that they were casually seen outside of work commitments and became more than friends.

The musicians’ representatives declined to comment on the rumors, but the alleged couple has remained associated. Scott told the publication above that they were just friends. The two initially met in Nashville and were hanging out.

Calum Scott has dated Sam Smith for a short time [Source: Scott’s Instagram]

They stayed in touch, texting and stuff like that. The singer and songwriter said they would try to meet up if they were in the same country, but Smith is a jet-setter working hard on his album.

Although Scott denied dating Smith, during an interview with Attitude in November 2018, the interviewer said he had dated Sam Smith a few years back and asked if he communicated with Smith after his split with Brandon Flynn.

He responded that he needed to give him some space because they were simply friends. He also stated that Smith had a lot of people supporting him and was still on tour and busy. So, Scott didn’t want to put him under any additional pressure.

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The Gay Singer Dreams of Starting His Own Family

Calum Scott, who has been openly gay, has always dreamt of starting his own family. Although his schedule is jam-packed, he is ready to dive into one of his most personal chapters.

The star wants to start a family, even checking in with famous friends for advice. He professed that he wanted to start a family around this time of his life.

He had been talking to Tom Daley in the UK. The singer wanted to ask him some questions about the process.

Calum Scott dreams of starting his own family [Source: Scott’s Instagram]

He said there will never be a perfect time in this industry, so he must make it work. He said, “Maybe we’ll see a mini Calum Scott at some point in the near future!”

The singer has also written a song, ‘Hotel Room,’ which is most likely his own personal ‘Dancing On My Own.’ It’s about unrequited love for a guy who turned out not to be gay, but he wanted to write it with hope and optimism.

Hopefully, he will soon begin his own family and announce the heartwarming news to his followers worldwide.