Rolonda Watts Prefers to Have a Boyfriend Over Getting Married

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Rolonda Watts

Despite being a famous American actress and film producer, Rolonda Watt’s love life is always shrouded in mystery. It’s not usual that she has talked about her relationship.

However, she once revealed that she is not particularly looking forward to getting hitched to anyone.

No Marriage Plans But Wants a Boyfriend

The actress has left the netizens in the dark regarding her dating life. Folks wonder if she is married or has a partner.

Nevertheless, she tweeted in December 2013 that someone had told her she was still single because nobody knew she was single.

One Twitter user then retorted, pointing out that the netizen believed she was married. Then she replied that she wasn’t married and didn’t appear to be either, but she hoped to find a fantastic partner.

Rolonda Watts hoped to find a wonderful boyfriend in 2011 [Source: Twitter]

But her tweets in 2011 suggested that she has had boyfriends. She constantly tweeted about her partner back then.

As per her tweets, her partner was a veggie. Her partner had helped her to pack her bags and clean the house. Moreover, she also went to Apes with him and loved it. Later on, she stopped tweeting about him.

Until now, she hasn’t shared whether she found a partner. Her admirers are still curious to know about her significant other. Nonetheless, she had a boyfriend in the past.

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Well-Known Relationship With Her Former Boyfriend Al B. Sure!

Rolonda Watts was previously in a relationship with American singer-songwriter and record producer Al B. Sure!

She and her partner revealed the details of their long-ago, much-discussed romantic connection in a Television show. The pair initially met at a music function in New York in the early 90s.

He had seen her in the news and had a big crush on her. He claimed that no matter what, she would always make the new little exciting, whether it was depressing.

Al B proposed to her on New Year’s Eve after lavishly showering her with costly presents and enormous bouquets of flowers. They dated for a brief time and moved on with their life.

Rolonda Watts was in a relationship with American singer-songwriter and record producer Al B. Sure! [Source: Instagram]

In addition, in November 2022, she shared a picture with him, sending love and prayers for one of the greatest loves of her life, Al B. Sure!, as he was suffering from some disease.

She stated that he produced, wrote, and sang a song in the 1990s, and they were quite the things at that time. Although things didn’t work out, the pair’s intense affection for one another, a unique bond they maintain to this day, was openly expressed.

She said that following a two-month coma due to severe health issues, Al B. has been given a second chance at life.

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Watts Has Also Been Linked With Other Famous Personalities

Rolonda Watts dated several personalities back then. The actress also has been in a relationship with Henry Simmons.

The couple started dating in 2005 and dated for a short time. Nevertheless, the two broke up in the same year. Watts has stated that she and Simmons were always far better friends than loves.

She recalled her most enjoyed date was the two of them devouring sushi and enjoying laughs at Katana on Sunset.

Furthermore, she was rumored to be dating James Brown. But she denied that, saying the two were never lovers.

Rolonda Watts has previously dated famous personalities [Source: Instagram]

Both of them eventually adored and hung out a lot, talking business. James had asked her live on her talk shows to marry him, but she clarified that he did it more as a publicity stunt.

Watts’ name has also been linked to the former NFL star Ataveus Cash. The duo was seen attending the 2007 BET Awards after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. However, it’s unknown if they were really things or not.

Apart from that, in January 2023, she shared a picture of Joseph Sikora joking that Sherri, her, and fifty million others would have to share this hunk of burning love.