Martijn Doolaard’s Siblings Are Married, But What About Him?

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Martijn Doolaard

Martijn Doolaard has gathered a huge fan following from around the world through his content on YouTube. As a result, netizens are curious about his personal life, especially his partner.

He is an extremely quiet person who rarely discusses his romantic life. While his love life remains a mystery, his siblings are happily married.

Doolaard’s Two Siblings Are Married

The photographer and travel writer has three siblings, Cees Jan Doolaard, Anne Doolaard, and Sibren Doolaard.

His two brothers, Cees Jan and Anne, are already married. Cees is married to Tineke Eelkema, whereas Anne’s partner’s name is unknown. He has a close relationship with his family.

Doolaard uploaded a video in April 2023 on his YouTube channel, where his father and two brothers, Cees-Jan and Siebren, were visiting for a week, but Anne couldn’t make it.

His brothers Cees-Jan and Siebren also helped to seal the henhouse and formwork for the concrete walls.

Martijn Doolaard’s two of his siblings are already married [Source: Doolaard’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Doolaard’s father visits the garden and transplants several young pine trees on the land. They also went for hikes and explored the valley stream and the cathedral of Sacra di San Michele.

Later in September, his mother and father came to visit. His father assists in clearing portions of the grass and birch forest. The travel writer’s mother couldn’t help but pitch in to clean up and bake a wonderful apple pie.

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Has Martijn Doolaard Also Got a Partner Then?

Martijn Doolaard has remained silent regarding his romantic life. It’s still a mystery to people about his partner.

He generally shares videos where he is alone or sometimes with his family. But in July, he posted that Chiara Silvia Cenedese was visiting him to forage food.

He shared a short video on his Instagram. She is the founder of Madreselva and a Certified Forest Bathing Guide. However, she isn’t his girlfriend.

He has visited various locations and has shared his experiences from each. He shared a picture with Mohammed and his wife from one of his travels in August 2015.

Martijn Doolaard shared a picture with Mohammed, whom he met while traveling [Source: Doolaard’s Instagram]

The writer stated that Mohammed’s wife is dedicated to Moslima, prays daily, and lives sober. They were happily together for 30 years.

Furthermore, he stated that Mohammed travels the world on his motorcycle, consumes liquor, and invites as many travelers to his house as he can.

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Has Got People Dreaming About Him

Many people have been drawn to Martijn Doolaard’s quiet life in the highlands. People wished to live their lives like him. One of them is Loire, who wishes to live off-grid with YouTube’s hottest Dutch export, Martijn Doolaard.

She also uploaded a video titled “Dreaming of Martijn Doolaard.” They had also left the city and marked to the countryside in France.

Then, many netizens commented on the video, saying they also admired Doolaard. They were fans of him, especially of his philosophy in life and the way he approached things.

Folks mentioned they share similar dreams but are more concerned about living in the tranquil Italian Alps in a comparable stone structure.

They love Martijn Doolaard’s perfectionism and enjoy watching him work. Some people have also asserted that his videos are a kind of therapy watching.

Many individuals worldwide admire the writer’s simple way of life. Nevertheless, he hasn’t shared about his dating life. Hopefully, he will find someone and give information about his significant other in one of his video types one day.