Mehcad Brooks’s Wife Isn’t Shy To Express Her Love For Him

Last Updated : November 27, 2023

Mehcad Brooks Wife Frida Books

Mechad Brooks and his wife, Frida Books, are blissfully married. He tied the knot with his lovely partner in May 2021.

The wedding date was memorable for his other half, Frida, and she was beyond grateful.

Brooks’ Wife Has Got Tons of Good Words For Him

Brooks is married to a beautiful lady who doesn’t mind expressing her love. Their wedding day was the happiest day of her life, and she was still buzzing with the energy from that day.

They walked down the aisle on May 8, 2021, and the day and the number were significant to her. Firstly, May 8th was her grandfather’s birthday.

Further, as she is also into astrology and numerology, she said that eight stood for Venus, infinity, harmony, and balance. Venus, the planet of love, romance, beauty, and pleasure, was on their Midheaven, the most elevated spot in their astrological chart.

She also talked about the planet Jupiter and its divine blessings.

Brooks’s wife has talked about the significance of their wedding day. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, she never fails to share posts during Valentine’s Day. Her husband is the love of her life, best friend, greatest mentor, biggest supporter, healer, and student. Frida never fails to thank her hubby for being her most incredible adventure and safest place in the universe.

The lovely lady loves her other half so much that she would choose him in a hundred lifetimes, a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, and find and choose him. She would keep loving him and doing the earlier-mentioned things for eternity and thanks him for loving her.

Similarly, on Brooks’s birthday, she wished him Happy Birthday, referring to him as the king of her heart, her sun god, her beloved husband, her best friend, and her partner in shining. The lovely lady even appreciated his lineage, ancestors, father, and mother for bringing him into this world.

Frida is deeply honored to be walking this life journey with him again and again and again. All in all, she is an eloquent girl and great with word play.

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Learn More About Brooks’ Better Half

Brooks’ other half, Frida, is a certified PSYCH-K facilitator. She would help others transform and identify hidden programs/beliefs of one’s unconsciousness that stop people from reaching the desired outcome.

As a facilitator, she has worked with her client on Goal Clarification, Muscle Testing, and Whole-Brain Integration.

Frida is a certified PSYCH-K facilitator. [Photo: Frida’s Instagram]

She is trained to use Surrogation to help clients with Muscle Testing. The lovely lady has agreed with the institute, PSYCH-K, to conduct herself with integrity and should honor her institute as well as their clients.

Besides that, she is vocal about the world’s current issues and has shared posts about the ongoing Israel and Palestine war. She has prayed for innocent civilians and has wished for their well-being.

Moreover, she is also proud of her partner. She congratulated her love as he was announced to play the detective in the 22nd season of Law & Order.

Frida penned, “Watching you manifest your dreams is the wildest and most beautiful thing to witness!” She couldn’t wait for the world to see his better half every week on the TV screen.

She has also mentioned a link to a petition about the Indigenous peoples on her Instagram bio. Overall, his wife has supported and appreciated Brooks for his achievements and is doing great in her career.

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Brooks Has Had a Girlfriend In the Past

Brooks was in a relationship with another Italian model, Elisabetta Canalis, before meeting Frida. He was spotted on a date at STK Los Angeles.

Further, the former couples also went to Berlin, Germany, and were seen at the Pergamon Museum. They had disputes in the lobby of her West Hollywood complex.

According to an eyewitness, the former partners were angry with one another, and she had even roughly pushed Brooks. After that, he shouted at her to stop acting crazy.

Brooks and his former partner had disputes in the lobby. [Photo: Brooks’ Instagram]

Then she got out of there and, a while later, returned to the lobby to carry her things. She was beyond angry, put on her heels, and told the building manager to tell Brooks never to contact her again. After that, they decided to walk their separate paths.

Furthermore, according to a site, the actor is rumored to have been in a relationship with Amalie Wichmann, Seita Ebanks, and Serinda Swan.

However, he hasn’t officially stated anything about their relationship. Nevertheless, he is now enjoying a blissful life with his eloquent and verbally expressive wife.