Comedian Jordan Jensen’s Family And Her Dating Life

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Comedian Jordan Jensen [Photo: Instagram/jordanjensenlolstop]

Jordan Jensen is a famous comedian who started her career in upstate New York. She is also the first female comic to win NY’s Funniest Stand-Up at the 2021 New York Comedy Festival.

Jensen has performed stand-up on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Central Features, and Don’t Tell Comedy.

She now co-hosts Bein’ Ian with Jordan podcast with the comedian Ian Fidance.

Jensen’s Parents and Their Tumultuous Relationship

Jordan Jensen has had a strained relationship with her parents since childhood. The comedian’s parents were divorced, and her mother moved in with another woman.

Her father, who was primarily MIA, was more of an uncle to her, and her mother’s relationships always ended because her mother was a difficult person to get along with. Unfortunately, her dad has already passed away.

She shares humorous pictures and short videos on her Instagram profile. For instance, in May 2022, she posted a funny post compiling videos of her scaring her mom while the latter concentrated on her work.

She mentioned in the caption that her mother was her best friend, but she wasn’t hers. Jensen also shared a screenshot of a brief discussion she had with her mom.

In addition, in 2018, she posted a picture of her mom and another woman, saying that her two mothers had finally married. Two days later, she revealed that her mama and she were still very much single.

Jordan Jensen’s mom and dad [Source: Jensen’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she also has one sister who has a child. She shared a post in June 2018 saying she became an aunt when she was holding a baby.

Also, her comedy is comprised of stories of her lesbian mothers, her pothead father, and her promiscuous sister and how they shaped her into the rugged, romantically impaired, sexually clueless person she is proud to be today.

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Dating for Jensen Is Like a Mental Rubix Cube

Jensen finds that dating is like a mental Rubix Cube for her. She has issues with men, and she acknowledged that, saying, “It’s probably my fault, and it comes from how I grew up.”

As a result, Jensen’s disastrous relationships are frequently used as material for her writing. Jensen, who stands 5-foot-9, waxes lyrically about dating a guy she dubbed ‘the short king,’ whom she met on a dating app.

She watched him walk out of the same type of truck she had, and she thought her depth perception was off due to her being constantly off.

The comedian stated that she either hadn’t slept enough or had had too much coffee. So, when she was him, she was like, “Wait, is he that short?”

He was 5 feet and four inches, which was different for her. She talked about the guy that she dated who was an angel, but they were so wrong for each other.

Furthermore, she professed that she prefers males with one foot out the door. She loves being on a relationship roller coaster. She claims that she is attracted to bad guys.

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Has Got a Funny Bone Since Her Early Age

Jensen was born on May 5, 1987, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She constantly shares a video of doing on her standup comedy. Apart from that, she also shares funny posts on her social media.

In May 2017, she shared a post captioning it, “Been doin the old lady bit for a while now.”

As aforementioned, she started her comedy in upstate NY before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. There, she worked at clubs for a year while touring with her pickup truck for comedy.

She now resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she is a regular at the legendary Comedy Cellar.

Jordan Jensen began her comedy career after moving to Nashville from New York [Source: Jensen’s Instagram]

Her comedy is centered on her odd origins, extremely unconventional family, and unvarnished confessions about her time on this filthy planet.

She’s come a long way since beginning her career as a comedian. She has also amassed a massive fan base from all around the world.