Facts About Kaj Goldberg Alongside His Wife and Parents

Last Updated : December 18, 2023

KTLA 5’s Kaj Goldberg and his wife Carolina Goldberg [Photo: Instagram/carolinassacredawakenings]

Kaj Goldberg is a weathercaster for the KTLA 5 News. In the beginning, he was hired by CBS News in Palm Springs in 2002.

Further, the charismatic guy has lived a blissful life with his wife and children by his side.

Married to His Beautiful Wife Since 2000

Goldberg has been married to his lovely wife, Carolina Goldberg, for over two decades. Their relationship has stood the test of time, and they still enjoy each other’s company.

He and his wife, Carolina, exchanged wedding vows in November 2000. Since then, they haven’t looked backward.

On their 16th anniversary, the lovely duo went out for dinner to celebrate years of love and marriage.

Kaj Goldberg and his wife have been married for more than two decades. [Photo: Instagram]

The charismatic guy and his wife had the best anniversary a year ago. They had massages and yummy home-cooked dinner. His spouse said she had been feeling very lucky with him daily.

On 2022’s Valentine’s Day, Goldberg said Carolina was his forever Valentine, and he loved her from his heart to the furthest star in the galaxy and back again.

Overall, the lovely couple surely know how to keep their romantic life tremendous and refreshing.

Goldberg’s Wife Is a Yoga Teacher

The LA native’s wife is a radiant human and a yoga instructor who has mastered the art of the practice after learning yoga for two years.

She has instructed on sharing the healing art of finding balance, health, vitality, spiritual awakening, and deepening.

Furthermore, she is a level four reiki master practitioner, soul coach, medicine woman certified mystical Shaman, and master healer.

She has also offered private healing sessions, blessings, reiki sessions, soul journeys, spiritual awakening workshops, and guided detoxes.

Goldberg’s wife is a yoga practitioner and an instructor who has helped many people. [Photo: Carolina’s Instagram]

For the last nine years, the lovely lady has immersed herself in the inner workings of the subtle human body and emotions/mental energy from the dietary standpoint.

She has also started her latest trend, “Yoga Meets Business,” where she has introduced meditation and yoga to the top CEOs and executives from different companies.

The instructor is also leading successful 14-Day-Detox seminars for many people, either online or in their physical state.

All in all, she has experienced significant benefits from practicing yoga and has helped people mindfully combat their daily problems.

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He Is a Father of Three Children

Goldberg and his wife, Carolina, have three children. They are caring parents who have greatly supported their kids’ success. Their eldest son, Jake Goldberg, was born in October 2003.

The weathercaster shared a picture of him and his wife with their oldest to wish him his 20th birthday, stating he was the greatest kid a father and mother could ever ask for, and they loved him.

Further, the lovely couple also have a beautiful daughter named Emma Goldberg. Furthermore, she has graduated from Village Christian School in Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, the duo is also proud of their youngest son, Marley Goldberg, who once rode his first mountain bike with his dad.

Kaj Goldberg and his wife are proud and lucky parents of their three children. [Photo: Instagram]

Overall, Goldberg is living a great life with his kids, who are embarking on a journey towards success.

His Eldest Son Is Into Basketball

One of Goldberg’s children, Jake, is a New Jersey Institute of Technology student who has played on the NJIT Highlanders men’s basketball team, donning jersey number 5.

He has also made his dad proud as the athletic guy, and his Pasadena Elite teammates had won their division in The Las Vegas Classic.

The twenty-year-old is active on Instagram and has posted pictures of himself honing his basketball skills.

Overall, he is a determined and hard-working athlete who gives his best.

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All of Goldberg’s Kids Are Close to His Parents

The weathercaster isn’t the only child of his father and mother. He has three sisters with whom he is very close and frequently talks.

Well, he was a great student until he discovered girls and surfing. He would also ditch classes to catch a wave or two at the beach. And years later, he met his spouse, Carolina, near the beach.

Fast forward to now, the kids are now best friends with their grandparents. The charismatic guy said it’s a blessing and has visited his parents whenever possible.