YouTuber Miss Linky’s Real Name, Net Worth, Husband & Kids

Last Updated : November 6, 2023

YouTuber Miss linky [Photo: Facebook/misslinky]

Miss Linky is a YouTuber and edutainer popularly known for her educational songs and exercise videos. She makes learning fun and engaging with a master’s degree in teaching and a background in performance arts.

Her content, which combines popular subjects with music and dance to provide educators, parents, and guardians with additional resources, got millions of views.

Miss Linky’s Real Name, Age and Nationality

Miss Linky was born in South Africa. She started her YouTube channel in November 2019 and uploaded educational videos for kids.

In just over four years, she has gained over 207K subscribers. Furthermore, many of her videos have gotten millions of views.

In terms of education, she received a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Essex, where she specialized in digital education. Many children watch her videos, and their parents appreciate her saying, “You are a real-life superhero.”

Miss Linky started her YouTube channel in 2019 by uploading educational videos for kids [Source: Linky’s Instagram]

However, her real name and when she was born are still mysteries. She hasn’t revealed much about her personal life.

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Miss Linky’s Net Worth & Earning from Her YouTube Channel

Miss Linky has earned a considerable net worth. She has earned her fortune through multiple sources.

However, her primary sources are her YouTube channel and subscriptions on her page on websites like Cameo and Patreon, where netizens have to pay for her content.

In addition, she is also the owner of her online store, where she sells clothing, accessories, and digital content.

From her YouTube channel, her estimated monthly earnings are between $872 and $13.9K. Additionally, according to Social Blade, her estimated yearly earnings range from $10.5K to $167.4K.

Along with that, she has registered for accounts on Apple Music and Spotify, which enable her to increase her income. On her Spotify website, there are 13,676 monthly listeners. She has made a decent amount from her earning sources, living the best life with her husband and children.

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Miss Linky and Her Husband Has Two Children

Miss Linky is married to her husband and has already welcomed two children, one son, and a daughter, with him.

The adorable couple welcomed their first child in January 2021. One year later, the pair welcomed their daughter on November 22, 2022.

Just a few months ago, before her baby girl’s birth, she shared her picture flaunting her cute baby bump on Instagram. She said there were only seven weeks until they met their daughter.

Miss Linky welcomed their second child in November 2022 with her husband [Source: Linky’s Instagram]

Miss Linky and her husband celebrated their son’s second birthday in January 2023. In November 2023, their baby girl will turn into one year old.

The charming couple also gone on several vacations. In June, they went on a trip to spend quality time together. She shared the moments by writing the blog on her Patreon.

Her baby girl was content, mesmerized by her new surroundings. Everyone stayed healthy on their trip. She stated that evenings became restful retreats once the kids were asleep, lulled by the calming ocean sounds.

She celebrates every special occasion, like Valentine’s Day and Easter, with her husband and children. She shared the picture on her Patreon web page. Furthermore, she also tributes Father’s Day to her husband.

They also owned a German Shepherd. She and her husband love to produce wholesome, educational content for children.