Katelyn MacMullen’s Private Lovelife With Her Boyfriend

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Actress Katelyn MacMullen and her Boyfriend [Photo: Instagram/katey_macmullen]

Fans of General Hospital are aware of Katelyn MacMullen’s on-screen boyfriend, Chad Duell. However, a few people may be unaware that she has been in a relationship off-screen, too.

She has a wonderful relationship with her partner, whom she features on her social media once in a blue moon.

Rare Social Media Appearances of Her Boyfriend

MacMullen spends a lot of time with her loving partner. As mentioned earlier, she shares his images on special occasions.

She introduced her boyfriend to the netizens in December 2020 by sharing her picture with her partner and a cat. She captioned it, saying, “This little guy is keeping our hands full.”

The two were looking stunning in the picture. Then, netizens couldn’t hold them from commenting on their picture as a gorgeous couple.

Katelyn MacMullen initially introduced her boyfriend in December 2020 [Source: MacMullen’s Instagram]

Moreover, in her Instagram story, she has shared a bunch of pictures from their vacations. Over the years, the lovely pair has gone to different countries to spend quality time.

They also celebrated the 2023 Valentine’s Day together. In February, she posted photos with her partner, wishing the netizens a Happy Valentine’s Day. Her father also commented on the post with a heart emoji.

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MacMullen’s Boyfriend Is Also an Actor

Some people are lucky to find a partner in the same profession. The General Hospital star is also one of them.

While giving an interview with Stone Cold and the Jackal in June 2021, she was asked if her lover was an actor. Then she replied, “Yes, he is.”

Moreover, she also said that the lovely couple had acted together in one act at an acting school. She professed, “It’s just the two of us doing a play like two characters in a place.”

In addition, they grew up together, and she was with him when she booked the drama series General Hospital.

Katelyn MacMullen and her lover have acted together in acting school [Source: MacMullen’s Instagram]

They are both actors, and she was conscious that it could be a pitfall, but she felt that they had both come to an understanding of what the other person needed to succeed. They both have been helping one another.

She also stated that he was actually going to play a bartender role at Charlie’s Pub in one episode of the series.

So, netizens thought he was the Julian look-alike during Alexis’s anniversary episode back in April. One user said her partner was handsome and needed that kind of Bf in the series.

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Rumors Surrounding Macmullen and Her Co-Star Chad Duell’s Relationship

There was also a rumor on the internet that her on-screen partner, Chad Duell, was dating her after his split up with his wife, Courtney Hope.

The two were spotted spending time together multiple times. With their friends and co-stars from GH, Chad Duell posted a picture of himself and Katelyn MacMullen enjoying brunch and Pickle Ball.

They had the vibe of a date, as they were out with two other couples. She was also seen bowling in July 2022 with her on-screen lover, Chad Duell.

So, fans of General Hospital were curious and wondered if they were more than just pals after seeing the shot. Undoubtedly, Duell works closely with him and spends a lot of time with him. So, no wonder their multiple appearances together raised many eyebrows.

Katelyn MacMullens was rumored to be dating her on-screen partner Chad Duell in real life [Source: Duell’s Instagram]

Nevertheless, it’s confirmed that the rumor was false, as Chad Duell welcomed a baby in September 2023 with his girlfriend, Luana Lucci.

He officially announced the news through his Instagram post, sharing a picture of his partner and newborn baby.

Likewise, she has been spending time with her beau while focusing on her career. However, she hasn’t revealed the identity of her partner yet.