Katie Orth’s Wedding Is Cancelled? Has a New Boyfriend Now

Last Updated : December 19, 2023

KWGN News Anchor Katie Orth and Coleman Jackson [Photo: Instagram/katieorth]

Katie Orth and her then-boyfriend, Chase, had scheduled their wedding for 2021 in Houston, Texas. But before the big day was to arrive, life took a different turn for the couple.

Unfortunately, their wedding was canceled. And, now, she has found another sweet guy in her life.

Orth’s Wedding With Her Former Fiancé Was Cancelled

Orth was in a blissful relationship with her former fiancé, Chase. The couple seemed to enjoy each other’s company and got engaged with marriage at the back of their minds.

Further, the lovely lady and former beau were like best friends. She used to warmly wish him on his birthdays in June, which happened to fall on the same date as National Best Friends Day.

Orth and his former boyfriend have broken up. [Photo: Instagram]

In June 2021, the newscaster penned in the post, wishing him a happy birthday, that she was going to get married to the amazing man in six months. Moreover, the ex-couple had an adventurous time together.

They had gone to Glenwood Springs, Co, United States in June 2021, and did some rafting together. Sharing the post of the day, she joked that the right side got yelled at for not padding their weight. And, the lovely lady herself was on that side.

The anchor also went to their happy place with her ex-lover, whom she affectionately called honey. Furthermore, Orth once revealed that she wasn’t friends with Chase at first as they became lovers straightaway.

Furthermore, their wedding was scheduled on December 11, 2021. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

However, multiple sites have stated that they are married and Chase is her husband, but that’s not true.

The former pair have yet to share information regarding that case and are now walking their paths in life.

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Orth’s New Boyfriend and Their Loving Bond

Orth turned the page and found a new chapter in the book of love. After parting ways with her former partner, she is now seen with the new love of her life, Coleman Jackson.

She once shared a post that featured two photos; one of her and her lover, and the other of two babies. Then, she went on to write, “We go way way back.”

Further, the lovely couple went on a wedding date, and she quipped, “Isn’t my wedding date just the most handsome??”

A user in the comment complimented her that her date was the most beautiful. At the same time, others wrote that both of them looked gorgeous.

Orth, along with her beau, attends a lovely wedding. [Photo: Instagram]

The pair also loved to party together as they danced to their hearts out in Colorado in February 2023. The lovebirds have also gone to a grand party in Mexico and said it had to be the most beautiful, fun wedding ever.

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Orth and Jackson and their loved ones traveled to Maroon Bells in August 2022. Furthermore, her boyfriend is close to her family and he has had a wonderful time with them.

The duo also went to the newscaster’s bestie’s wedding. And they loved to spend some romantic time together with some drinks.

Moreover, the host and her lover have also attended the first annual fashion show honoring Bella Thallas Joy and her beautiful life.

Jackson wore a suit, and Perch Denver styled Orth, which offers a collection of contemporary styles mixes. Plus, the sweet guy has kept his Instagram account private and has stayed away from the limelight.

Nevertheless, the lovely lady introduced her new partner to the public in March 2022, and since then, they have enjoyed sharing their romantic journey on her social media handles.