Kayte Christensen Married Her Best Friend, a Firefighter

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

Kayte Christensen married to her best friend
Kayte Christensen Getting Married [ Credit: instagram.com/kaytechris/ ]

Kayte Christensen is now enjoying her blissful married life with her husband, who is also her best friend. Further, he is also a firefighter/paramedic and has served in the Sacramento Fire Department.

They had a memorable wedding, and that year was filled with incredible moments for her.

Christensen Had a Beautiful Wedding With Her Husband

Christensen and her hubby, Joesph John Hunter, exchanged their wedding vows in Monterey on May 24, 2018. Their wedding was perfect, and she was so happy to see her family and friends who came to celebrate with them.

Furthermore, she loved her gaucho family from her husband’s side and had a great time with them. She couldn’t think of a better party plan in their new home, so she thanked her closest friends and family who made the wedding special.

Similarly, 2018 was a fabulous year for her as she called the last six months of that period an absolute marathon. She was engaged, announced her baby, bought a new home, and married her partner.

Christensen and her husband during their incredible wedding. [Photo: Instagram]

Well, her baby girl was also born that year, and she named her Jayde Joanna Hunter. “She wrote that Daddy, I, and big brother are ecstatic you are here!”

The lovely couple is a parent of two children: their son, Jojo Hunter, and their daughter, Jayde. She had shared an influential post on her Instagram during her 40th birthday. When she came to Sacramento 15 years ago, she hadn’t expected that place would be her home forever.

She had made mistakes, had missteps, and done regretful and even demoralizing things at times, but she has grown and learned. The lovely lady wrote that she is now a mother and a wife, and her priorities have changed.

Overall, she is grateful for each day on this earth and has prayed for many more birthdays.

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Her Husband Is Former UCLA Athlete

Christensen’s spouse, Joseph Hunter, AKA Joe, was born in Redwood City, Canada, to his parents, Joseph Hunter and Patricia Hunter. He wasn’t the only child; he had an older sister named Joanna.

Hunter was athletic during high school and had outstanding speed in Football. He received many awards during his time at his high school. He was named PrepStar All-America (No.10 DB in the West), SuperPrep All-America(No. 13 prospect), Cornwell All-America, and many more.

Hunter looked up to athletes like Jon Drummond, Merton Hanks, and Jerry Rice.

He also achieved various milestones in football during his college days at UCLA. However, during his first year, he didn’t see any action, and in 1999, he appeared in all 11 games as a redshirt freshman and gained valuable experience.

In 2000, he appeared in all 12 games but was injured during the first series. He did an excellent job in the role he had played for his team. And, in 2001, he played defensively in six games and was a reserve cornerback for all 11 games.

Furthermore, in his senior year, he showed improvement in football and played as the cornerback. His hard work and athletic efforts paid off as he was inducted into the Vacaville High School Hall of Fame in 2019.

Christensen was proud of him and had enjoyed the fantastic night honoring that year’s inductees into the Hall of Fame. All in all, Hunter was a great athlete during his high school and college days and made his wife proud.

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Rumors About Her Divorce: Is It True?

Christensen hasn’t made a post with her spouse on her social media handles for a while now. And the last time she mentioned him on Instagram was 2.5 years ago. So, Reddit users discussed their relationship status.

redditors-speculating-about -the-christensen-and-hunters-relationship
Redditors are speculating about Christensen and Hunter’s relationship. [Photo: Reddit]

One user said there was no ring on her finger and no picture on Instagram or Twitter, while others were speculating about their relationship. Furthermore, she and her husband went through a challenging period in 2019.

She revealed that they suffered a miscarriage, and the experience she had was traumatic. She hadn’t shared the news as she learned that half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. The lovely lady thanked the Sacramento Kings and NBC Sports for their incredible support during the tough times.

All in all, the couples are yet to reveal their relationship status as they haven’t officially stated anything up until now.