YouTuber King Cid: Net Worth, Girlfriend, and Real Name

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

YouTuber King Cid [Photo: Instagram/_kingcid]

King Cid is an American social media influencer and content creator. He has gathered a huge fan following from all over the world.

He makes pranks and challenge videos and uploads them to his channel. The idea of “last man standing” is the central theme of most of his challenge videos. He also released a song named Bosses Take Losses.

In addition, the social media influencer also has a second YouTube channel where he uploads vlogs.

He Asked His Ex, Daymonds, to Be His Girlfriend Again

The social media star was previously in a relationship with his girlfriend, Daymonds Charleston. The two started dating in 2019 and stayed together for a brief time. But the pair ended their relationship when she accused him of domestic violence after a few months.

However, the two appeared together in one of his videos in the same year. Later, in 2020, he also tweeted his apology to her.

Then, she stated that she just wanted peace in her life, and while she has forgiven him, she will never forget. The two have collaborated multiple times.

In July 2022, he posted a video on his YouTube titled, “I Told My Ex-Dymonds I Want To S*ash!” A month later, he shared a short video, penning in the caption that he asked her to be his girlfriend again.

King Cid asked his ex-girlfriend Dymonds Charleston to be with him again [Source: Cid’s Instagram]

Fans were excited about their collaborations on a video. They are all happy to see them smiling and laughing again.

Netizens also praised the two for keeping things calm between them. Nevertheless, after he broke up with her in 2019, he was committed to Breann Llewellyn.

But he discovered she was cheating on him. Furthermore, he released a video titled King Cid Boxes His Girlfriend! in April 2023. But it’s unclear whether she’s his girlfriend or not.

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Net Worth and Earnings From His YouTube Channel

King Cid has earned a decent amount of money from his career as a YouTuber. He owns two YouTube channels.

The internet personality’s main channel has over 2.8 million subscribers and over 300 million views. His videos receive a significant number of views every day.

According to Social Blade, this enables him to make an estimated $643 to $10.3K monthly. Furthermore, his anticipated yearly earnings are between $7.7K and $123.5K.

King Cid’s second channel, KingCid UNCUT, has 376K subscribers‧where he uploads vlogs. As per the aforementioned site, his estimated monthly earnings are between $157 and $2.5K. His yearly expected earnings are from $1.9K to $30.1K.

He is also interested in wearing jewelry. Therefore, he has several jewelry set. In addition, he also wears an expensive watch.

King Cid has accumulated a considerable amount of net worth as a YouTuber [Source: Cid’s Instagram]

Nonetheless, he hasn’t revealed the exact figure of his fortune. He lives a comfortable lifestyle. His car collection includes Mercedes, Ford, and Chevrolet. It is reasonable to assume that he has grabbed a considerable net worth.

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King Cid’s Real Name, Age, and His YouTube Career

The social media influencer was born in Florida, United States, on August 25, 2000. His real name is Jason Cid.

He was raised with his three siblings, and his parents are Dominicans. His mother often appears in his videos.

King Cid has always been fascinated with social media. He used to work in a call center but quit to spend more time on his YouTube channel when he reached 5000 subscribers. He created his account in 2011 but started to post content in October 2018.

King Cid’s real name is Jason Cid [Source: Cid’s Instagram]

Because of his unique and imaginative challenge films, the internet personality has become a fan-favorite content creator on YouTube.

His videos are filled with thrills and excitement. He wants to make his videos distinctive and exciting, which his audience enjoys.