Kirk Minihane Is a Father of Two Children, but What About His Wife?

Last Updated : December 7, 2023

The Kirk Minihane Show Host Kirk Minihane [Photo: Twitter/kirkmin]

Kirk Minihane is a proud father of two children, a son and a daughter. However, the YouTuber has yet to reveal the details of his wife.

He has made posts mostly about his professional life and has shared many tweets about his children.

The Birthday of His Children are the Best Days of His Life

Minihane is a caring father of two children. His daughter, Cate Minihane, was born on December 2, 2007. Then, he was blessed with his son, Harry Minihane, on April 23, 2012.

Both kids have also been seen in the PMC Kids Rides, Lexington. The program includes young cyclists participating in a fundraising challenge for cancer treatment and research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Minihane’s son and daughter were holding a cheque with Gerry’s daughter. [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, the children received a cheque of $80,000. People commented that those kids were cute and even mentioned that Minihane’s son has a hairline like him.

Further, Gerry Callahan had shared a picture of a dog up for adoption. In response to the tweet, Cate, a dog lover, stated through her dad’s Twitter that she would like to adopt it if her daddy let her.

Cate is 16 years old and has loved listening to music since 12. Overall, both are precious jewels of his life and richly valued.

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Minihane Said His Son Is a Future Program Director

The YouTuber is a bit overprotective with his children and said that he wouldn’t allow his then two-year-old ever to play football. He said it wasn’t worth the tremendous risks.

Further, the dad and son did their first mile run together. However, after running the marathon for 18 minutes, he ditched him. On the other hand, a Twitter user tweeted a screenshot of a tweet that said otherwise.

It was the opposite of the above statement; instead of Minihane ditching his son, his son ditched him and went rogue. Further, he said to let him know if they see his kid in the routes.

Harry was also an absolute star in the first communion show, and Kirk thanked Miltons For Men for making his son stylish. The YouTuber has joked about his baby boy by sharing many humorous tweets.

Once, the loving dad made lunch for his son for his school, and during the process, he sliced his left hand and was worried about the mini-golf tournament.

Moreover, Harry is also a wrestling fan, and the YouTuber once uploaded a picture of his son wearing a Rey Mysterio mask and a wrestling belt.

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Confusions Regarding His Wife

Minihane has shared many things about his children and professional life, but his wife is nowhere to be seen. However, other sites have mentioned that he has been blissfully married to Christine Ann McTigue.

Further, in one picture, he, with his children, seemed close to a lady. However, the YouTuber hasn’t specified anything about her or even mentioned her name.

However, one Reddit user said he got divorced and married Gabe Murchison. But another one said that he’s still married to Christine. Besides that, he has yet to reveal his curious audience about his spouse.

Redditors discussing Minihane’s wife. [Photo: Reddit]

All in all, the YouTuber is an overprotective dad who loves spending time with his kids.