Lauren Glassberg Has a Son, but What About Her Partner?

Last Updated : October 11, 2023

WABC-TV Reporter Lauren Glassberg with her son Beau Hudson [Photo: Instagram/laurenglassberg]

Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg is a mother of one. She gave birth to a son, possibly with a partner, and is enjoying her time with him.

She frequently shares her lovely moments with her little one on her respective social media handles. But does she have a beau in her life?

Glassberg Welcomed a Son Amidst Married Secrets

During an interview with The Showbiz Wizard in 2009, Lauren Glassberg said that she wasn’t married at that time. But then, after four years, she welcomed a child named Beau Hudson in 2013.

Since then, she has documented many moments with her kid. In addition, she also wishes him a happy birthday each year.

For instance, in November 2021, she posted a slew of photos of her little one, wishing him on his special day. “This is 8! #myboybeau,” she wrote.

Then, she added, “His love is boundless. His heart is pure. His mind is quick. His legs are fast. He is pure joy.”

Beau will turn ten years old in November of this year.

Furthermore, she also loves going on vacation with her little one. Glassberg does share holiday photos with her son but has never shared one with her partner.

Lauren Glassberg is a proud mother of one. [Source: Glassberg’s Instagram]

All in all, the mother-son duo have tons of memories together.

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Glassberg’s Son Is a Sports Lover

As stated above, Glassberg has been posting tons of special moments of her son. Moreover, looking at Beau’s photos on her Instagram, it is quite clear that he is a sports lover.

He can be seen wearing the jerseys of the different football clubs and other sports as well. In addition, he has also played several games. The journalist has mentioned her son as sporty, smart, kind, and her joy.

Well, he first attended preschool back in September 2017. Then, in 2021, Beau completed his second grade and was off to third grade.

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Anyone Special In Her Life?

The reporter has kept her partner hidden from the public if she has one. She did, however, upload a photo with her ex-boyfriend in June 2019. She wrote, “31 years after we met.” They were still friends, though.

People adored the couple and couldn’t help but write wonderful comments such as, “Aww…so cute together tho.[sic]”

They still keep up with each other on Instagram. In 2019, he had posted a photo of himself, his father, and his son with the caption “3generations,” where she commented, “Tres cool.”

Moreover, looking at her ex-boyfriend’s social media, he appears to be a talented artist, as he has shared many of his art pictures.

All in all, the journalist has always preferred a low-key life regarding her personal life, especially romance. Therefore, she still has kept her partner under wraps from the netizens.

Lauren Glassberg has remained mostly mum regarding her love life. [Source: Glassberg’s Instagram]

It’s still a mystery if she has got anyone special. Moreover, she hasn’t shared anything about whether she has tied the marital knot or not.

Even though she hasn’t revealed much, some sites have claimed that she is not married. Hopefully, someday, she will unveil more about her love life.

Nevertheless, Glassberg has been working as a reporter for more than twenty years now.

She started her career in 1995, joining as a Reporter and Anchor at KATV. She worked there for one year and five months. Then, she moved to KARE 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. There, she joined as a Morning News Anchor and reporter.

After spending almost three years, she went to WABC-TV, Channel 7 New York in 2000. Since then, she has been working there.

She is now enjoying her life with her son.