Looks Like Layne Norton Is Going Through Yet Another Divorce

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

Layne Norton

Layne Norton is now married to Holly Tiame. He was formerly wedded to Isabel Norton, his ex-wife, but they later divorced.

Similarly, it seems like he’s going through another divorce because their married life didn’t go out as the duo expected.

Revealed About His Divorce From His Wife via His Tweets

The internet personality disclosed his divorce from his wife, Holly Tiame, in a tweet in February 2023. Norton responded to the one user who inquired whether he was single. Then he replied, saying he was kind of single because he was going through a divorce at that time.

Moreover, he agreed to a discussion with Paul Mason in June. He told Paul he was going through a divorce and would be pleased to discuss it when he had time when he was questioned about his schedule.

The adorable couple had been together for several years and spent quality time together, creating beautiful memories.

Layne Norton disclosed his divorce from his wife, Holly Time, through Twitter [source: Tiame’s Instagram]

But the marriage between Norton and Holly Tiame didn’t work out as planned. Their relationship ended as a result of a disagreement between them.

In addition, his former spouse, Tiame, added in an Instagram story that she and Layton haven’t been posting together because they’d been dealing with some big relationship issues.

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Things Looked Fine From the Surface for the Ex-Norton Couple

The lovely couple’s romance is now over. However, previously, the duo constantly shared their picture on social media, appreciating each other.

For instance, in May 2021, she shared a couple of pictures of herself with him and said that he was the man to whom she was married.

Moreover, she added that she had never encountered somebody with so many positive attributes, such as being hard-working, determined, funny, passionate, supportive, and hard yet sensitive at the same time.

Layne Norton and his then wife met in 2016 for the first time [Source: Tiame’s Instagram]

She said that he continued to bring her the most smiles, more than anyone else in the world.

The couple met in 2016 for the first time. They faced numerous challenges, and several times, they felt like everything was gone. However, there was one thing they did: never give up on each other and continue their relationship.

Then, the pair shared their wedding vows and commemorated their anniversary in June every year. They had also started their own clothing apparel company. In addition, she was close to his two children, whom he welcomed with his previous partner.

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Norton has Two Children From His Past Marriage

The internet personality welcomed two children, Robert and Livia, from his previous marriage with Isabel Norton.

However, he hasn’t had any children from his second marriage. Even though Tiame hadn’t given birth to his kids, she is an amazing stepmother.

He remarked that being a stepparent was difficult, but they were fortunate in that the children adored her. She had stepped up to the joyful aspects of parenting children and the challenging parts.

Layne Norton and his ex-spouse, Holly Tiame, had a close relationship with his children [Source: Tiame’s Instagram]

She also sometimes shares her picture with his kids, spending quality time with them. She took care of his kids.

His ex-life partner, Isabel Norton, is a former Powerlifter and figure Pro. She is the founder of the Robert Norton Foundation. Furthermore, she is now in a blissful relationship with her boyfriend and never shies away from sharing about her love for him on her social media.