Leanne Ford and Her Husband’s Kid Might Follow in Her Footsteps

Last Updated : December 12, 2023

Interior Designer Leanne Ford with her husband, Erik Allen Ford and daughter [Photo: Facebook/LeanneFordInteriors]

Leanne Ford is blissfully married to her husband, Erik Allen Ford, and they both have a beautiful daughter named Ever. Further, the lovely couple is leading a prosperous family life.

Her baby girl is adorable and is already viewing the books on the home’s interior design. Is that a sign of what she will do in the future?

Will Ford’s Baby Girl Follow in Her Footsteps?

Ford and Erik were blessed with an adorable baby girl, Ever Allen Ford, in March 2019. Sharing the fantastic news of their kid’s arrival, she penned, “We are happy and sleepy and are in heaven.”

Then, a year after her birth, the duo’s baby girl celebrated her first birthday during quarantine because of Covid-19.

Ford threw a birthday party for her daughter and said there is always a way to find joy. Interestingly, all her kid’s friends (her stuffed toys) attended the party.

Ford blissfully celebrated her daughter’s birthday even though it was during a Pandemic. [Photo: Instagram]

The baby girl was thrilled. Then, the interior designer wished her sweet girl a warm, happy birthday.

In November 2023, she shared a photo of her kid holding a book on interior design. As they say, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so could it be Ever will likely follow in her mom’s footsteps? Well, only time will tell.

The adorable little girl has a great mother who will be there to teach and guide her daily. Overall, the designer is a caring and responsible mama, and her creativity in interior design is phenomenal.

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Moved to Pennsylvania With Her Husband and Daughter

In April 2023, Ford moved on to their new home in Pennsylvania with her hubby and kid. The family of three moved to a county-ish home there.

Like Ford, her lover is also in the creative field and is the CEO and Co-Founder of a clothing brand, Buck Mason. He attended Central Methodist University- College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

As per others, Leanne Ford’s husband is arguably the strongest merchant. His passion for product and sales has paralleled his ability to intellectualize visual presentation, leadership development, customer service, and operations.

Moreover, the talented guy kick-started his career as the Area Manager at The Buckle for more than nine years. Then, he became a VP of Sales at EVER worldwide for over two years.

After that, he has dedicated more than a decade to being the Chief Executive Officer at Buck Mason. His company has cultivated the cotton grown in the U.S. and used it to make T-shirts.

They have used the best American long-staple cotton, and they use the Davis family farm in Georgia. He has grown cotton in his homeland because it improves speed, efficiency, and quality.

They have produced the clothes at a suitable cost and excellent margins. Furthermore, the company’s business is also going great, and they are making 30,000 T-shirts in the U.S.A. Their goal is to get to 50,000 by 2024.

His company has gained significant momentum, selling their T-shirts in their homeland and globally.

Overall, Erik and his wife are both doing great in their careers and are equally successful.

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Ford’s Dreamy New York City Wedding

Ford and her husband Erik exchanged their wedding vows on November 11, 2017, while they were in New York City.

Further, she has been in total heaven since the day she kissed her beau, meaning the day the couple decided on forever. At their ceremony, they stood before their family and said their vows, promising to love each other through it, despite it, because of it.

Lastly, she concluded her wedding post, saying, “Two years to decide it, four days to plan it, and a lifetime to enjoy it.”

The 36th year with her lover has been the best year of her life. She was also thankful for the incredible opportunity for her career and a ton of quality time with her family during Thanksgiving of the year she was married.

Furthermore, marrying her spouse has been the best decision for Ford. The interior designer has felt like she has known Erik for a thousand years.

Ford made the best decision of her life by marrying her beau. [Photo: Instagram]

All in all, the duo enjoy their blissful romantic life and head over hills for one another.